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Rip Van Winkle: The Downside

Winter, 2012

I woke up one morning recently and discovered I was 48.

This shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Somehow, it did.

Hanna and I had been friends since 1974. 862 more words


Stress Busters

Take a walk to clear your head. Not only can you take a break and re-group, it is great exercise.

Put on some soothing music. Stress seems a mile away as you even if for a few minutes. 145 more words


Existential garage sale

I held my annual existential garage sale last Saturday. It was scheduled – rain or shine, with a set of core values or without – from 8 a.m. 639 more words



I didn’t really want another dog, as I was perfectly happy with the one we already had.  Sandy was a sweet-natured and happy dog who fit in beautifully with our family, and I felt that one dog, a long-haired rabbit who required daily brushing and a gerbil were more than enough for me to take care of.   649 more words

Middle Age

Middle Age by andreamagnani

The Middle Ages revived through the world of photography and drawing.


Mid-Life Calm

I watched Jyothika’s “36 Vaiyathinilae” yesterday. It wasn’t a great movie by any standards and in fact I felt it dragged quite a bit. However, there were somethings in the movie that struck a chord with me. 1,270 more words


A Game of Hide and Seek: Elizabeth Taylor

I’ve read four Elizabeth Taylor novels so far. Loved a couple of them and liked the others. A Game of Hide and Seek–a subtle, clever novel about middle-aged regret falls into the latter category. 948 more words