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I think Microwave Ovens are overdue for improvement

Not necessarily by this guy, but I would totally pay for one that was reasonably priced and could show me a heat map.

Introducing Paul Bedell, author of Cellular Networks

“Overall, my experience with Outskirts Press has been very good. Lisa did a great job working with me.”

Paul Bedell spent six years working for multiple wireless carriers, and has been in the telecom industry for 26 years. 235 more words

Outskirts Press

Watch "How Much Longer Will Our Microwave Last?" on YouTube

Take A Guess. I predict June 2016 It Will Give Out! See video for proof it works today :-)

How Much Longer Will Our Microwave Last?: http://youtu.be/RnpVxJMYBQg


Foolproof microwave cake: coffee flavored edition

I make this microwave cake a lot because it’s so quick and easy and tasty. It doesn’t require precise measurements or anything. I used to just make chocolate ones and molten chocolate ones, but nowadays I make a coffee flavored one, which is super good. 250 more words

Freshman 15.... POUNDS OF MUSCLE!

Okay, we have all heard it.

“I live in a dorm, I can’t cook!”

“I don’t have time to meal prep”

“I rather sleep in than eat breakfast. 418 more words

Microwave Going On Tour

Microwave are going on tour starting on March 7 and ending March 20 @ SXSW. Full list of dates here.