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Console War will be won with Content

In the wake of E3 2015 many are weighing in about what games are the best graphically and which are the most anticipated. Some point to the impressive graphics of a handful of the titles announced for the PS4 while others look to the exclusives and fan favorite releases on the XBOX One.   687 more words

Video Games

Shovel Knight Is Officially Coming To Retail

One of the hits of last year was Shovel Knight which was praised by both players and critics alike. The game managed to receive an average… 285 more words


Review: Beta-Testing Windows 10

Over the last six months, I believe, December 2014 that I joined the “Windows Insider” program. At that point I was all set up to test Microsoft’s latest efforts of a new operating system, Windows 10. 2,095 more words


Rumor has it Microsoft is looking to buy AMD

The vultures are circling – AMD has been struggling to compete with Intel on the CPU front and with Nvidia on the GPU front and profitability has been elusive. 214 more words

I wonder who really won E3 2015?

Disclaimer this is Efocutioner point of view on E3

I have been hearing from people and reading on Polygon, Destructoid, IGN, Gamescoop, and Kotaku(yeah I know don’t judge me) who won E3? 350 more words


An early look at Cortana integration with Office 365

Office 365 is about helping you be more productive so you can make the most of every moment. We believe the future of productivity involves technology that is truly personal and can work on your behalf. 407 more words



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