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Windows 8.1 - The project's structure

Regardless of the template you use, there are some files and folders that are essential for a Windows Store app and included in every project. Let’s look at the most important ones. 837 more words

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Windows 8.1 - Pages, XAML, and code behind

Windows Store apps abandon the old window-paradigm to use a new window based on pages, which are organized in a hierarchical way. After launching the app, the user lands on the main page; from there, he can move to the other pages, which contain different and specific content. 194 more words

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Windows 10 SDK Preview tools released to help developers make universal apps

Microsoft has released the first version of its SDK tools for the Windows 10 Technical Preview. This first release will allow developers to create apps that fit with Microsoft’s universal app platform for the operating system. 482 more words

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Setting up Emgu CV Project with Visual Studio

Hi all, today i’m going to post on how to setup Emgu CV with Microsoft Visual Studio. If you are a C# lover and you want to work with Computer Vision and Image Processing then Emgu CV is for you. 516 more words


Introdução: programa Hello World

Arrumando as coisas

Para compilar este programa você pode usar a IDE(Sistema integrado para desenvolvimento) chamada Microsoft Visual Studio, se não deseja pagar nada para poder utilizar tal IDE, baixe a versão Express do software, que é disponibilizada gratuitamente no site:  614 more words

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Microsoft Band, Health updated, Developer SDK Preview released

Microsoft today announced huge updates for the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health apps along with the first release of an SDK for third-party developers and a web dashboard, too. 1,067 more words

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Setting up OpenCV Project with Visual Studio

Hello everyone, I’ve been working with OpenCV for 3 months now and working with it has been quite interesting so far. Today I’ll post of setting up OpenCV Project with Microsoft Visual Studio. 697 more words

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