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Daily Recap: The pond on campus

Like I said names are changed to protect the hard working person but I can’t believe Ana is saying to me and herself, shame on her for not applying for this mini gran as of yet. 141 more words

Daily Recap

Special Microorganisms produce Anti-Obesity molecule in the gut

Bacteria in the gut fulfil a host of useful function for humans. But recent study says that the gut microbiota can be an effective long-term strategy for inhibiting development of obesity. 431 more words


Should the use of selected microorganisms for alcoholic or malolactic fermentation be considered as additives in wines?

Winemaking is a fascinating creative process whose interpretation includes both craft and a science. While the majority of winemakers aim for a balance between both philosophies, divided opinions on what extent wine production should be manipulated and controlled to produce the best wines spark highly controversial discussions. 879 more words


Hello and welcome to my little collection of photographs.

Two years ago, I started working in a microbiology lab specializing in fungi. Before that point I hadn’t given much thought to the tiny organisms that aren’t visible to the naked eye, but when I started working here, I started to appreciate how beautiful these microorganisms can be. 133 more words