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Hello and welcome to my little collection of photographs.

Two years ago, I started working in a microbiology lab specializing in fungi. Before that point I hadn’t given much thought to the tiny organisms that aren’t visible to the naked eye, but when I started working here, I started to appreciate how beautiful these microorganisms can be. 133 more words


Applied surgery part ІІ


Critical items are the objects that can cause a high risk of infection if contamination takes place with any microorganism. It is the entry or the penetration into sterile tissue, cavity or bloodstream. 212 more words


30/3/15 Today's Fun Fact

There are more living organisms in a teaspoon of soil than there are people in the world. Living organisms are defined as an individual form of live, and this can include bacteria, so it’s really not surprising.


Cheese Microbes & Pizza Math

Researchers at the American Academy of Microbiology answer the FAQs of cheese-making and Carl Friedrich Gauss, a famous 19th century mathematician, explains the best way to hold a pizza slice–using math, of course. 25 more words

What We're Reading

Cell Biology Discussion on 3/25

Utilizing the reading from chapter 4 of Biology or chapter 5 of Life on Earth and any other resources you’d like, work in your groups to write up one set of responses for the questions below. 189 more words

In-Class Discussion

What the fungi!?

Can you spot the fungi in this picture?

Or this one?

You probably can’t. It was a trick question. In fact its underground.  Did you know that the world’s largest living organism is a fungus…? 577 more words