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The Butterfly Buffet?

Everyday Biscuit (our dog) and I take a walk.  We have our patterns and variations on a theme but we regularly follow the same route.  Our route takes us past several areas that currently be used for field corn.  532 more words

Economy In Every Harvest

I thought I’d mention that we’re on Instagram.  Follow us.  We’ll follow you back.

Things are quiet here.  We harvested the last of our meat rabbits a few weeks ago and now have six left; two bucks and four does.   525 more words



This Echinacea in my back perennial garden.  (My microfarm is in the background.)  Plant enchinacea (also called coneflower) any place you can as an ornamental.  Echinacea is a long blooming perennial that draws loads of pollinators to your edible garden.

Food Not Lawns

Oh What a Spring! ... and Summer is Here!

We’ve had a crazy busy spring, and things are set for a very busy summer and fall. Where to start?

  • How about Facebook? … it’s our new portal for short, quick updates about activities on the farm.
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Chili Peppers

Salt & Pepper

My husband is a young man of 46. He has had grey hair the entire time I have known him. He recently decided to let it grow and grow and grow. 142 more words

2014 Chili Pepper Seedlings

We’re well into spring. There might be one more snow coming, but daffodils are up, lawn is greening, forsythia are blooming, osprey have returned … SPRING! 190 more words

Chili Peppers

Day 5: WE HAVE FERTILE EGGS and sadly a loss

Day 5 of the quail egg incubation and I finally have something more to write about other than “they are still just eggs”. I decided to do a quick candling of a couple of the eggs and saw that the veins are developing! 103 more words