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Cheers to the end

Today is the day. I took my first big step forward. After the divorce, things got pretty difficult. I was left with an expensive apartment, and without a car. 126 more words

Tiny House

Simma. Dah. Nah.

It just occurred to me that there are only 15 weeks standing between us and finishing our house if we still intend to take it to the… 1,185 more words

Tiny House Building Plans & Progress

Living small: guest houses and tiny homes

I don’t know about you, but I regularly dream about having a guest house. I’m sure part of the allure is probably the fact that it’s (realistically) the closest I could ever get to owning a tiny or micro home, but the idea of owning so little and living so simply is incredibly appealing. 234 more words


Micro House With Big Porch!

One Micro Home

I found this carefully designed home on the site of Crisp Architects–On the Drawing Board and it made me realize that all I really need is a really small house with a really big porch!   159 more words

Cottage Design

The Tiny Homes Movement

All across the country people are getting on board with the tiny homes movement. Downsizing from the average 2600 sq. foot American home, to homes measuring up around 100-400 sq. 256 more words


Paring Down Part 6: What to do with all those photos?!

So, here we are preparing for tiny living and I have 3 totes of photos and random memorabilia. I worked on sorting it all. I started out with 3 totes of things, and got it down to 1!! 633 more words

Paring Down

Some context

Life is a journey filled with challenge, wonder, and beauty states the overview of The Dandelion Seed by Joseph A. Anthony.


In our forties, we have found ourselves halfway through our journey, and at a crossroads of sorts. 151 more words