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See You When I See You

My family has a reunion every Memorial Day. One year, I couldn’t come, and nobody asked why. I never went again. No one ever noticed.

Flash FIction

More Conversations With a Cat

I was working on my laptop when Autumn walked in. “Why do you sit there staring at that window?” she asked.

“I’m working on some things,” I replied. 513 more words



“I can’t, I’m skyping my school friends tonight.”

“God Liv, uni is for new friends, you know?”

When Olivia didn’t look up, Dom lurched away down the empty corridor, cardboard costume scraping the walls. 17 more words

Flash Fiction

Arjun learns a lesson

Arjun and Saket were playing cricket. Mishra aunty called them and said, ‘Arjun, Saket, It is so hot. Why are you playing cricket now?’

Arjun looked at her and said, ‘Dadi, its our vacations now and we are getting bored at home’ 518 more words

Short Story


He woke up, and felt a heavy weight tear at his bones. The weight that dragged behind him as he walked.

He constantly tripped over it’s presence. 52 more words


Where to From Here?

Six engines shun neon.
Broken frames like clouds.
I look up, squint,
Zoom in and gasp.
The guards zap me.
“Re-wind.” Whispers the constable.
“What?” My tongue curls. 12 more words


The End

It began with an ending, the last dregs of moon light sparked my desire for the retreating figure of my arch nemesis.

Predestined to end me.