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nature's lullaby By Linda Crate

Linda M. Crate is an old soul in a young body and a Dickinson and Poe versed century old faerie who prefers the company of ravens and crows, vampires and mermaids, and on occasion other fae. 76 more words


Kiss Me

“If you’re happy and you know it…”

“Clap my hands?” Kirk was confused at the direction this conversation was taking.

“No.” Shannon wanted to get this over with before she lost her nerve. 72 more words



She walks her path with her arms flung wide, a perfect smile plastered on her lips and eyes ever gazing inward. Arrogance goes before her, boasting and proclaiming the arrival of she who walks in splendor and majesty whom all should come out to see.  98 more words

Micro Fiction

Prom Only Happens Once

She made her dress from scraps of thrift store clothes. When her date came, Momma was drunk saying, isn’t the dress I got you perfect?


Simple Things

The scent of the freshly ground coffee beans filled his nostrils. A smile stretched across Marcus’s face involuntarily. He loved that smell. Coffee was a pleasure enjoyed in multiple phases. 300 more words

Short Story

Oh Brother - Gargleblaster Microstories #220

“I’m in here!” said Brian. He poked his head out the bedroom door.

“Are you with…”

“Dude, your roommate Christi is hot! Hope you don’t mind I’m fu…” 16 more words

Short Fiction

Thicker than blood- #Microstory

It’s hard, looking for you in these spaces.

(whimper, moan, sob, sigh)

Every nook I see, every floor tile that squeaks your name
only makes it worse. 27 more words