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Blood bubbles and lymph dried like sap on my skin, an amber hue patchwork of dermal scaffolding. I run a fingernail around their peripheries, testing for pain and pliancy. 71 more words


Five Photos-Five stories Day 2

The alarming sound of irregular beep often makes me afraid. Hospital sounds haunt me. She’s gone.

Many thanks to Ruchi for giving me an opportunity to participate in this “Five Photos – Five Stories” challenge. 111 more words


Sector 4: Quadrant 89 - Classifieds

Coin operated clone seeks John.

*slot only accepts silver coins



Her life was a series of closing her eyes and dreaming of paradise. 

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Blueberry Hill

“Blueberry pancakes,” Alan said.

Rachel thought for a second. “No, blueberry jam.”

“Blueberry jam on blueberry pancakes?”

“Okay, agreed. That was Mom’s best.”

Rachel smiled and plucked a blueberry from the wild bushes that dotted the hill beside their childhood home. 172 more words


Knot Skills

His boy scout training was reflected in his preparation of her noose



Zen of the Stomach

Zen of the Stomach

(word count: 100 words)

On top of the mountain, the old monk touched his cold fingertips to my head.

“This,” he told me, “is where you think.” 78 more words

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