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I Have Feels and it's Rick Grimes' Fault

Do you guys watch “The Walking Dead”? If you do and you’re all caught up on this season, keep reading. If you’re not caught up, naturally, avoid spoilers and come find this post after you watch the episode “Try.” If you don’t watch “The Walking Dead,” well I won’t judge your life choices butttttt 901 more words


The Walking Dead: "Try" and Make it Work

S05xE15 “Try”

The relationship between the Tribe and the Alexandrians already balances precariously, and, with the lies and half-truths beginning to be exposed, what the two tribes have may all come tumbling down around their feet. 821 more words


The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 Keep Walking

Even though this episode might not have been as good as the previous weeks, it still had a lot of intensity and was really good. 676 more words

The Walking Dead


Seems a bit odd doing post on a single issue of the comic, I’ve wrote in the past about the comics on a whole etc. This is the start of something new I’m trying, so enjoy. 314 more words


The Walking Dead S05E15 - Try

“Try” was a strange episode of The Walking Dead, especially as the penultimate episode of Season 5. I think I knew what they were tryna do, but I’m not sure they pulled it off. 1,683 more words

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Zombie Round Up: "Spend" and "Try"

Hey gang! The back half of season 5 has been quite an exercise in emotional whiplash. The second the group seems to get over the loss of one of their own or improves their situation in any way, that’s when a new tragedy strikes, setting them back even farther than they were before.   1,202 more words