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Alvin's Film Follies (Part I)

A couple months ago, my buddy Jon issued a challenge: Shoot a single roll of Ilford PanF with a Nikon SLR (in my case, a F90x) and a 50mm lens (AF Nikkor 50/1.8 D), using only manual settings.  378 more words



Every year, OCAD University hosts a large-scale exhibition showcasing work from rising young artists and designers. Occupying six floors, this year’s GradEx is the largest yet. 58 more words

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From The Desk...Re-Issues

There was time when re-issues (or sometimes first issues) of bygone recorded music was almost exclusively the territory of jazz or classical musicians, and I would try to imagine the feeling of hearing one’s contributions to music from one’s past. 424 more words

Michael Snow

From The Archives...Also in 1971

1971 was a hell of a year! If any of you come across recordings of any of these TV appearances post a link. It’s hard to believe that there are some things you just can’t find on the web – but these are deep cuts I guess :)

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duchamp, nude descending a staircase no.2

The radical changes in the conditions of visuality under the Anthropocene have brought a new subject position, announced by the reformulating trajectories between impressionism and cubism, and those between cubism and experimental film.

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From The Desk...Expansions on Co-writing

Augmenting a partner’s strengths and shoring up their weak spots may seem like an obvious notion, and so it should be, but artists have egos, and sometimes an individual’s understanding of their scope may not agree with yours. 581 more words

Michael Snow

From The Desk...Three Flags

Upon moving into our 1875 cottage in the Historic Edgefield district across the Cumberland  River from downtown Nashville, one of the first things I did, given the extant horizontal flagpole on the front porch, was to purchase small versions of the three flags that define my life journey and that of my family.   237 more words

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