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L.S.U.: Grace Shaker

TRACKS: 1. Double; 2. Kill Will; 3. Blame; 4. Thinkin'; 5. Bad Disease; 6. Grace; 7. Shaker; 8. Gift Taker; 9. Freedom; 10. Christ Saves… 166 more words

Lifesavers: A Kiss of Life

TRACK LISTING: 1. She’s On Fire; 2. I Pray You Pray; 3. I Can’t Wait; 4. Choose to Be True; 5. Highway to Zion; 6. Dreamin'; 7. 220 more words

Michael Knott: Live in Nashvegas

TRACKS: 1. This is the Healing; 2. Grace; 3. Story; 4. Jan the Weatherman; 5. Story; 6. John Barrymore Jr., 7. Story; 8. Kitty Courtesy; 9. 209 more words

Michael Knott: Screaming Brittle Siren

Tracks: 1. Miles From Shame; 2. Crash and Burn; 3. Apocalypse Lips; 4. Brittle Body; 5. Blood on My Hands; 6. Liar; 7. Hang Me High; 8. 191 more words


HEART (human) n., pronunciation: huh-art 1. Organ that regulates the blood flow in a body; 2. spiritual aspect of humans that can be:

PURE, CLEAN… 245 more words

You Make Me Brave

You Make Me Brave.

This heart-warming post by a young woman that I have not met before, reminds me so much of myself in earlier times, including the Jesus Movement in the early ’70s, and later the Charismatic Movement in the Presbyterian Church. 35 more words