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New Additions to the AP/RC: Clinton Cline

Gray Winds, 1976; Lithograph; Image: 565 mm x 380 mm

They Ride the Wind, 1977; Lithograph; Image: 567 mm x 653 mm

When the Sun Takes Over, 1978; Lithograph; Image: 569 mm x 660 mm… 146 more words


Poem for Mingus

57 years, not long enough for a Charlie Mingus,

so much more music to make,

more cigars to toke up, more teeth to knock out, 191 more words

Michael Glenn

Poem #85

Nuisance jackets onceworn, whatever happened to the revolution!?
Won’t karaoke to a tune I don’t know.
Silent island palm tree cutters, making boats of broken notes. 105 more words

Michael Glenn

The Idle Objects of Brett Groves

Brett Groves observes in an email to the AP/RC that the “legibility of all things shifts as they travel through time, shedding or accumulating value and significance.” Each of us probably has some such “things” or objects in our drawers, or desks, or cabinets:  security or manila envelopes, plastic bags, and chewing gum wrappers.  154 more words


Poem #84

outside the grocery, quick lunch while between here and
somewhere else.
people watching, appraising, judging, making little stories
for the creatures passing by either into or out of… 182 more words

Michael Glenn

Vincent Valdez, "Stations" portfolio

In the portfolio Stations, Vincent Valdez reinterprets the Stations of the Cross using a boxer as an analog for Jesus Christ. Valdez noted in 2006 that he was not thinking of the boxer as a religious icon or symbol, but of the rites of passage that young men navigate. 233 more words


Poem #83

Drains remind me slender zoned is the passage from alive to loosed particle.
I enrich appended themes icing roamed over glutton mind schemes, no more really. 142 more words

Michael Glenn