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Scientists have discovered that male and female mice process pain differently

The nervous system’s dials for communicating chronic pain to the body work differently in male and female mice, according to a study published today in Nature Neuroscience.  189 more words

It's Science, Bitch! #048 Bicentennial Mouse Show Notes

Listen to the episode here!

Thom Bee has been (temporarily) replaced! All hail Peter Thistlethwaite, new co-host of It’s Science, Bitch! Matt & Pete are talking about mice and their neural lace, moutains on dwarf planets, and the study of studying studies! 576 more words


Mice Are Prophetic; Ants are Too : Aelian, Varia Historia 1.11

“Mice are also among the most prophetic of the animals. For, when a house has already become decrepit and is about to collapse, they perceive it and they abandon the mouse-holes within them and their earlier habits. 57 more words


Daydream believer: Rats dream of a better future


It seems humans are not alone when it comes to dreaming of a better life for themselves: apparently, rats do it, too.

When at rest, rats and mice conduct mental rehearsals of journeys toward a desired future, such as a tasty treat, researchers at University College London (UCL) have found. 412 more words

Daily News

Mice by Gordon Reece

Release date: 18th August 2011

Pages: 336

Age Range: 15+

Contains: Extreme descriptions of violence (murder and bullying).

Genre: Thriller

Awards: Ned Kelly Award Nominee for best novel (2011) 1,084 more words

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God’s Creepy Congregation

We gather in this sacred space
An active congregation
We live and work together
A microcosm of creation.

The woodworms chewing faithfully
Through all the wooden pews… 78 more words


Resort property that is ideal venue for business cum leisure

Hyderabad offers amenities which combine business and pleasure, the city is fast moving to take the mantle of the Garden city from Bangalore.  Hyderabad boasts of numerous gardens across its length and breadth. 190 more words