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Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide Changes by DIANE CARDWELL

NYT business news! As homemade electricity gains popularity, it puts new pressures on old infrastructure and cuts into electric company revenue, pitting solar companies against utilities.http://ift.tt/1G60qsW

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Utility vs. Homeowners Over Solar Power by Erik Braund and Eugene Yi

NYT business news! In Hawaii, where 12 percent of the homes have solar panels, handling the surplus power is putting pressure on the state’s biggest utility, which is fighting to reduce what it pays for the energy.http://ift.tt/1G5Zghb

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If you’re in Downtown Miami, come check out Space residents, Coco Drills in the Terrace tonight. Happy Hour Specials available. If you’re a real Vamp, arrive at 4 am for The Morning Show with Patrick M. 33 more words


A. Alfred Taubman, Shopping Mall Tycoon Involved in Price-Fixing Scandal, Dies at 91 by ROBERT D. McFADDEN

NYT business news! With his flair for retailing, Mr. Taubman reincarnated Sotheby’s, which catered mainly to dealers, into a modern full-service art retailer.http://ift.tt/1EePVpX

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Houston, my mere presence is the solution to your problem!

“Houston we have a problem.. in sports!”
Not anymore, I’m here!

When I moved to Miami from Singapore, the Miami Heat never won an NBA championship. 220 more words


Marco Rubio Announces He’s Running for President - Video and Text Links

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced on April 13, 2015 that he was running for President. His tweet, sent out at 5:14 pm CST, during his speech the same day at Freedom Tower in Miami, Florida in which he outlined his motivation for a run: 80 more words

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