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Cedric Thompson

Info & Stats: Miami Dolphins Safety

All Topics: Rookie symposium | Enjoying the symposium | His journey to the NFL | Growing up in Compton, CA in gang infested neighborhoods | Thought Compton was the norm | His parents moving the family to Bombay Beach, CA | Why his parents moved to Bombay Beach | His tattoo | No one in his immediate family had graduated from high school | Ending up at Minnesota for college | Recruiting | Drafted into the NFL… 34 more words


Time to run a skinny post and just see what happens

This blog has featured a run of long and thoughtful posts lately. Sometimes I don’t have time for that.

Here, therefore, comes a skinny post. 272 more words


Don Shula learned an early lesson about business with Donald Trump

Many are distancing themselves from real estate mogul/combover cautionary tale/presidential candidate Donald Trump these days.

But former Dolphins coach Don Shula found out first hand how hard it was to do business with him in the early 1980s. 367 more words

Rumor Mill

Wallace: I've Got Something to Prove.

In what amounts to basically the most obvious statement in the off-season thus far, (perhaps tied with AD’s comments about how time-outs are a better way to discipline one’s child), newly acquired Wide Receiver Mike Wallace said that he has “Something to prove” when speaking with Brian Hall of  928 more words


Did A Retailer Leak Miami Dolphins Throwback Jersey?

The Miami Dolphins are due to release throwback jerseys sometime this month, but a retailer may have leaked a photo of the jersey early.

Related story.


2015 NFL Draft: Round 5 Review

I know time is marching on and draft analysis has already become passe but I intend to finish analyzing this draft regardless especially since content is not driven by viewers as evidenced by lack of relevant comments, so let’s finish up this draft.The 5th round was quite busy for our teams, the Dolphins had four picks, the Raiders had two, the Patriots, the Lions and the Jets all traded back in and the Falcons traded up. 1,321 more words


The art of the deal that darn near worked, featuring Donald Trump and Don Shula

Donald Trump is the news again, both as a presidential candidate and as a beauty pageant owner on the outs with the television networks. Seems that he’s always making some kind of bold play, which got me thinking about the time he took a run at stealing Don Shula from the Miami Dolphins. 763 more words