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Princess Leia on planet Hoth from Star Wars ~ 2015

This is my favorite Leia outfit and have been wanting to make it for years.  Unfortunately, I never could find a vintage white snowsuit, so had to start from scratch! 359 more words


Halloween 2014

Little Elsa and Batgirl walk the “Wild Rumpus” downtown Athens

Photo by Blane Marable

I made this cowl from Duck tape!  It was so fun to be Batgirl.   160 more words


Chani from Dune the Mini series stillsuit- 2014

This was a fun project to embark on, and took some major research before even starting to pattern!

The stillsuit is a full body suit worn in the open desert that was designed to preserve the body’s moisture. 345 more words


Dragon*Con 2014 - Atlanta, GA

I have lots of new costumes to add and update, but wanted to go ahead and post some shots from DragonCon. This was my first time, and I brought along the little ones, too, so it was a big adventure!   112 more words


Ninetails Pokemon costume - AthCon 2014

 The main part of this costume was a vintage lace layered corset with the tails sewn on the back.  She helped stuff and paint the tails and ears as well as tell me exactly what she wanted for the rest, which was all hand made, as well, except for the tank top she wore under the cape.   233 more words


Pokemon - Espeon - AthCon 2014

This costume was designed and directed by a four year old pokemon fan.  She is also a big fan of purple and cats.

If you are not familiar with Pokemon, I will put a little description in the “misc” category.   127 more words


Ultimates Kitty Pryde - 2014

This was made for my favorite Kitty customer, Kitten and Dragon, based on the Ultimates version of her costume.  I actually did two versions of this dress, but this one won out!   8 more words