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5 Ways to Get Back the “Human Touch” in HRM

We are in the days of Technology and Social media. Run wherever you want and you can’t save yourself from the reach of technology. In the field of HR Management lot of fuss is going about Big data, Hiring through Social media, Data Analytics, Predictive Modelling and what not. 663 more words



Industrial internships are an integral part of an MBA program, forming the backbone for placements and careers. The importance of such internship programs cannot be emphasized enough. 145 more words


A Peek into the Printing of 'The Gandhi Series'

Just 40 kms away from campus the Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Ltd. prints 16 billion bank notes a year, and we lucky souls were able to visit the facility to understand the process. 171 more words


There's No Privilege, Only Class.

First of all, let’s get our definitions straight.

Privilege: An unearned advantage given to a group or individual based on characteristics beyond their control.

Benevolent Discrimination: A benefit given to a group or individual for adhering to certain parameters that restrict their freedom. 4,113 more words


An ungallant society: The men's rights movement of 1898

The following newspaper article ‘An Ungallant Society: The Men’s Rights Movement’ was published in 1898, and is the first known reference to a “Men’s Rights Movement,” as far as I’m aware. 1,812 more words


What is a MGTOW? My Thoughts

I honestly have no clue what a MGTOW is, it has a ton of definitions that wildly fluctuate depending on who you ask. For example: 568 more words