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'Based Mom' Christina Hoff Sommers

Christina Hoff Sommers, former philosophy professor turned resident scholar at a Washington think tank.    Despite being a 60’s flower child and life long liberal, her critics tend to dismiss her as ‘Conservative’.   1,120 more words

'Roland Barthes and Poetry' Conference at Leeds

The University of Leeds will be hosting a conference titled ‘Roland Barthes and Poetry‘ on 27-28 March 2015 to mark the centenary of the birth of the French literary critic Roland Barthes. 135 more words

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People use MRA as a slur and as a way to cut off any and all discussion. So little wonder people have been shocked and upset as I’ve slid into being what I would call an ‘equity MHRA’ (analogous to CH Sommers’ equity feminism). 381 more words


Text, artefact, and the creative process: The 'Sad, bewildered quills' of Guido Cavalcanti

This is a link to an article I wrote about one of my favourite Cavalcanti poems, ‘Noi sìan le triste penne isbigottite’ (Yes, penne the pasta means quill pens). 122 more words


We heard from the doctors on The Big Questions today, but what about the pharmacist?

If I rightly remember, today marked my fifth appearance on BBC TV’s The Big Questions. I think that was symbolised perfectly when Nicky Campbell was very generous in asking the audience around me to applaud me for the fact that I have become a regular on the programme north of the border. 374 more words


MHRA publishes new GMP Data Integrity Guidance

Data integrity is fundamental in a pharmaceutical quality system which ensures that medicines are of the required quality. This document published on 23rd January 2015 provides MHRA guidance on GMP data integrity expectations for the pharmaceutical industry – click on the link  72 more words


Latest Volume of the MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities on Literature and Art

The theme of the latest volume of the MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities is ‘Literature and Art: Conversations and Collaborations’. The MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities an international, refereed online journal aimed at postgraduate and early-career researchers. 48 more words