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The War Between Feminism And Masculinity.

There has been a war within our modern culture. It is a war between feminists and masculinity. Only recently have the forces of masculinity even took notice of what men have lost. 616 more words

Men's Rights

Cold showers!

As spring is finally here (I am from Europe) I can finally turn the knob from ‘cold’ to ‘ice cold’. I want to share with you one of the biggest treats a man can give himself for free everyday – and I don’t mean pornography. 444 more words


Men Going Their Own Way

If college girls and grads didn’t have enough trouble finding dates and men to marry, a recent trend is making matters worse for them. Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), a loose organization of heterosexual men who choose to avoid entanglements with women, first appeared in 2005 on the internet although some men have gone their own way since Biblical times. 245 more words

Women's Fiction

Love? + Kids (Again!)

What a wonderful spring we have here. I hope it’s also pleasant in the place you’re at now.

This week I want to elaborate on two completely different topics. 954 more words


The Parable of the Cupcakes and the Male Spaces

Welcome, my brethren, to the Church of Jesus Christ Going His Own Way From Icky Girls. Today’s sermon is a reflection on the Parable of Cupcakes Invading Male Spaces Because Vagina. 346 more words