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Jezebel Shows Us The Results Of Unrestrained Hypergamy

By: Thomas Hobbes

The lovely ladies over at Jezebel have outdone themselves yet again in their celebration of human debasement. 1,105 more words


Why You Should Be Morally Apathetic In Your Dealings With Women

By: Blair Naso

When I broke up with my college girlfriend back in my Baptist days, she was completely distraught. Let’s call her Petunia. Petunia was wanting to save her first kiss for her future husband, but I had her so co-dependent on me that she initiated our first kiss. 1,319 more words


The Poet and the Politician.

I came up with this concept years ago, some of you may not know but after my first horrific failure with my fiance’ I forswore ever  getting into an exclusive relationship with a woman again until I understood women.   179 more words

Interesting Thing About Love

Just an all over the place post about… love?

A day or so ago while talking to one of the few if not the one person I was considering dating, they told me that I always think about dating, and that it held too much importance for me. 1,036 more words


Jonathan McIntosh and Propaganda

Been meaning to do something about this guy for a while. Some of this will seem kind of obvious please remember though that just because you and I know it, it doesn’t mean that everyone else knows it. 1,892 more words

Mens Rights

Tell Sen. Wyden NO!!



This especiallygoes for those in America reading this..
*Drop a line or send an email! Let Sen. Wyden and others know that you are against the TPP!

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