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Actually 70% of Young Men Are Not Getting Married.

On 21 March 2015, I had posted a statistic that had claimed that Approximately 50% of adult people are not getting married. This means that approximately 50% of men are not getting married. 518 more words

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Gynocentric Definitions (A Response to Stardusk and Coltaine)

The following provides an excellent overview of definitions of gynocentrism by TFM, along with examples of flawed or false definitions proposed by Stardusk/Colttaine.

For the rest in this debate series, see…

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Rape Culture is Deceiving America

The notion of a “Rape Culture” is used to coopt public empathy, command social power, and bilk money from governments, supporters and taxpayers.

A 19 year old college freshman was removed from his institution, banned from campus now and forever. 1,200 more words

Do Misogynists Dream of Electric Sex Ladies?

Do Misogynists Dream of Electric Sex Ladies? Well, yes. Yes, they do. This terrible, terrible comic provides yet more evidence of this, as if we needed any. 45 more words



Hello fellow MGTOWers. Today I wanted to share some interesting resources, that might be really useful for all of you.

First is the must-have book written by  418 more words


Lets just reverse the races on this and see how it sounds!

On March 18 Aemen Ansari wrote this. The Huffington Post in Canada ran it on their website. The racism on this article drips off the page. 1,260 more words

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