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Compare and Contrast Two Airbnbs in Different Regions of Mexico. Please Show Your Working.

I stayed in my first Airbnb in Mexico City. It was great. I stayed in my second Airbnb in Cancun. It was…less great. Story time! 956 more words


week forty one

Hola Everyone,

Well, we went to al Centro today, and well we left really late and got back late so we dont have much time to write. 257 more words


Bob Arum outlines plans for Top Rank events in Dubai, Mexico City

CARSON, Calif. — Bob Arum used to regularly promote independent pay-pay-view events to keep his fighters busy. He has plans to return to his old ways. 288 more words


Reading and Reading Borges

I took two things to read: Le Morte D’Arthur and Borges’s poetry. Morte D’Arthur had been a few years since the first read through, and it is a lot brighter on the second time. 1,115 more words


Organ Grinders

One of the prevalent sounds in Mexico City in the old section of monuments, parks and avenues is that of organ grinding. The instruments are not new: they’re mechanical not digital, claim German origin or Italian or both at once, are whistly and are stocked with tunes chosen for plaintiveness and Mexican familiarity mostly. 447 more words


El Palacio de Bellas Artes

It is a concert hall built around the turn of the century–XIX to XX, that is. It is domed and splendid, white marble and black metal windows and lamps. 310 more words



Sanborns is a restaurant chain seen through urban Mexico. You will find them, as you will McDonald’s, in new buildings made to order and in the old ones as well. 840 more words