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Skinny Mexican Stuffed Peppers

As much as we love Mexican food, especially take out taco salad & burritos, I have been trying different recipes to make a healthier versions for both of our waste lines (and wallets).   278 more words


Joyride Taco House

“When your chips are down / When your highs are low / Joy ride.” Those words are the refrain of a Killers song from last decade. 1,008 more words


Hungry Travelers

(Originally posted August 26, 2012)

Mmmm… Fish tacos!

My husband and I love food.  Thankfully, we’re usually able to find some really good eats during our travels.  286 more words

Lengua taco - La Taqueria

Onion, cilantro, spicy salsa. $3.75
La Taqueria, San Francisco

This was delicious, but maybe too game-y tasting for me. I love lengua, but this had an exceptionally strong flavor that didn’t agree with me.


Mexican shop


My parents are starting a new adventure, one of their pasion is mexican art.. so I’m helping in my own way. Hope you like it. 7 more words


Tortilla Soup

Hearty chicken tortilla soup is ubiquitous in Mexico and the American Southwest, and recipes can vary almost restaurant to restaurant, household to household.

Overall, these soups fall into two types: one is a chunky chicken vegetable soup in a thin stock, and the other is a spicy tomato-based broth with the solids added at service, and both have their own merits. 327 more words

The Mansion

Chillied Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds


Chillied Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds


2 cups roasted peanuts (preferably without salt)
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 teaspoons ancho (or guajillo) chile powder (available from national companies like McCormick, Mexican groceries and internet sites), plus a little arbol chile powder if you like it spicy… 6 more words