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Centrifugal Forces in the Church

“Suspense of judgment and exercise of charity were safer and seemlier for Christian , than hot pursuit of these controversies, wherein they that are most fervent to dispute be not always the most able to determine.” 560 more words


Thomas Ogletree on Covenant

“The church is a whore, but she is my mother.”

-St. Augustine

With increasing abandon, it is clear that United Methodists at all levels are shaped more by notions of the Enlightenment’s autonomous, free individual than a Biblical notion of persons in covenant community.  

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Incarnation Roundtable (#ICYMI)

Some young Christian thinkers have an interesting project going over at Conciliar Post.  They are hosting regular “Roundtable” posts on major points of Christian doctrine or church practice, featuring voices from a wide swath of Christian traditions.   88 more words


10 Advent Outreach Ideas Better Than Train Communion (@GNJUMC)

Desperate times call for heretical measures.  The Greater New Jersey Conference has announced an Advent outreach event designed to share the love of Christ with commuters at busy train stations throughout the Garden State: give the bread and cup to passers-by.   833 more words


When a Controversy is Not a Controversy

Home is where the heart is.  My wife regularly makes fun of me for being such a vocal advocate for my seminary, Duke Divinity School.  My friends that went to other seminaries give me grief, and I give it in return. 1,097 more words


Who is at fault for #UMC trials?

Ownership: A Personal Account

As a leader, one of my habits is to attempt, as far as possible, to claim maximum responsibility for everything that happens in my life.   1,703 more words