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Becky Nampijja and 308 Others

This week, the Ugandan community is awash with news of the demise of Becky Nampijja, a recent graduate and a beneficiary of the Watoto Child Care Ministries. 673 more words


“…in any new situation…you will almost c

“…in any new situation…you will almost certainly be viewed in one of three ways. As a minus one: actively harmful, someone who creates problems. Or as a zero: your impact is neutral and doesn’t tip the balance one way or the other. 71 more words


Would You Do It?

At the risk of a little reputational misdemeanour, I recently ventured into a realm unknown. I came face to face with the recipe for how to “immunise” a man from cheating on you ever again. 516 more words


My 52 year old #Uganda

Today, I walked from my house, and I searched for my 52nd yo Uganda. I found an amazing result.

Any father of 3 gals has to ask if his community is the best place to raise them – saw i called up the gentleman selling a sexy plot of land, just slightly less than an acre – 400 Million shillings, he said. 826 more words


My Speech to the GHC Uganda Community - 19th July 2014

I knew I wanted to work with computers from as early as Senior 2, and I wasn’t contented with pioneering the computer club at my high school. 1,098 more words


In Awe... a firm foundation

I am in awe of my City’s Executive Director, Jeniffer Semakula Musisi.

Its been 3 years since she’s stepped into office. Kampala has started to… 506 more words


eLearning Africa, 2014. Welcome to Uganda!

This week, #ela14 takes place at the fancied Munyonyo Resort, 12km south east of downtown Kampala. eLearning Africa is the largest gathering of elearning and ICT supported education professionals on the continent. 620 more words