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Walk Easy

Walk easy, one sure foot before the other, with the knowledge that you are capable of all you meet. If you tire, breathe in from the source that empowers you. 19 more words


Lesson's in Love ~ 7/7/15

As I sat here drinking my coffee I came close to just telling everyone all my problems. But after typing out over a page worth of problems, I realized I love my problems. 331 more words


Watch the video for the Aquarius Full Moon

If you enjoy hearing about astrological transits from a global gaze, subscribe to my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. Here’s the latest upload.

Intuitive Coaching

Planetary Transits: Grace Under Tremendous Pressure

In my hermetic studies and practices, I work with the Tree of Life. Each Sephira on the tree has a multitude of correspondences, including planetary energies. 873 more words


"Which Tarot Deck Should I Buy...?

Which Tarot deck should I buy…?

I come across this question a lot. Both in live discussions and online in message board threads, newcomers to Tarot, overwhelmed by the sheer dizzying number of decks out there, will often ask some variation of, “Which deck should I buy?” or “What’s the right deck…?” 1,246 more words

Shadow People, Shapeshifters, Fairies & Djinn Revealed with Rosemary Guiley

Explore shadow people, shapeshifters, and the hidden truth of the Djinn with Rosemary Guiley who illuminates supernatural beings and the tools of perception that can free humans from energetic slavery. 204 more words

Awakening And Consciousness