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There’s a door inside the mind,

They say,

That, when it’s open, lights… 175 more words


Was it really real

What’s it really real I have the experience of a lifetime I went to Senegal Africa with the team of missionaries and route to teach to heal to show them that the healing was in the breath and their hands while on my trip to Senegal Africa I was Reverend Dr. 850 more words


Words. They Affect Us.

Isn’t it amazing how words affect a person?

Oddly enough, this really hit home as my wife and I were watching Birdman—a movie we both loved. 705 more words


I am not

I am not a victim anymore, I am victorious and i have forgiven myself and other’s for mistreating me.I take full responsibility for all my actions in allowing other’s to mistreat…no means No I do have boundaries and i deserve to be happy and free…


I feel brand new. .

I feel brand new and it began yesterday when I took a salt water bath and white sage and mugwort cleansing and I did sum yoga and taking to my chakras asking them did we have any blockages and is the energy flowing right and I hit all yes so as I was at the car dealership today I didn’t put up any shields and I didn’t put a white light protection around me I was ready to feel and be aware of all forms of energy that was flowing around me.I never was a fearful being of anything or anyone so ehy should I hid behind any shields when I still get other’s pains and shanegains so I made a conscious decision to walk by faith and not by sight and at the end of the day I allowed my energy to be open and my discerning do it’s job.now I still sage myself and take my salt water bath but I am able to transmuteany negative energy and fearful energy into love positive energy and send it back to the universe. 350 more words


Today's Message from our Angels

Hello everyone. I hope all of you have had a fantastic day so far. Today’s message is:

Today is all about being patience with what we desire. 486 more words

Angel Card