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Life is a bag of jellybeans...

If you think about it life can be summed up as being as unpredictable as a bag of jelly beans, you never know whether the red jellybean will be that yummy strawberry one or the burning taste of lies…like the strong cinnamon one (unless you’re into that). 278 more words


Poetic Offerings & Things to Note on World Bipolar Day

March 30 is #WorldBipolarDay (WBD), a moment of the year in which bipolar disorder awareness is heightened. The mental illness presents great challenges to those who suffer directly and to their loved ones, as well as for medical/ healthcare providers and organizations. 409 more words


Silver Key

In the corner of the room there’s a cupboard with a door

And the cupboard with a door has a key,

The key to the cupboard is hidden in a drawer… 230 more words


Tales of Lisbon - Chapter 02

There was a procession today. I ran into it by accident, while on my way to a statue depicting the troubles of getting out of the bathtub, when becoming older. 397 more words



Behind dilapidated buildings
of a cold heart,
half constructed skyscrapers
of untold futures,

torrential storms of summers past
and unforgotten,
bouquets of dying yellow roses… 145 more words


The Darkness - Interactive Poetry

Amulya gave me the words scar and devil for my interactive poetry. I for some reason had a difficult time figuring out how to link these two together without being offensive to anyone or religions, so here goes! 137 more words


the way a honey waterfall is slow and steady
like when you get to know a person
over a series of days
sticky and thick… 29 more words