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The Whole Counsel

God gave you—and frankly you need—the whole counsel of Himself.

That means everything from the first page of Genesis to the last page of the… 1,028 more words


Welcome to 'Trolling from the TARDIS'

As something of an introduction to our blog, I thought I would recycle something I wrote a couple years ago when I was pondering what it was about… 1,053 more words

Bigger On The Inside

Follia d'Amore

Heirloom rose petals fall delicately in the rabbit hole,
Rose tinted visions of you. Visions of ecstasy.
Adrenaline rush, crystal precipitation beads.
Perfection. Purity –  25 more words


Luminiferous (Spoken Word)

I lay quietly beside your soft soul.
The lioness of the daffodils –
overgrown rests on our peaceful hearts.
In lush gardens of Abigail and Primrose laughter… 93 more words


Like an ancient city, I built a fortress around my heart
warding off anyone who sought entry.
Those walls that once stood proud and true are decimated — 169 more words


Fall Far, My Son

into the weeds we go again, and you
are a born whistler, son, my heart you steal
everyone knows and every year, still true
Aye, it is, you would, wouldn’t you, its who… 59 more words


poem-rapid write

Your pens are scratching

Timer ticking

Ten minutes of writing



instant effort

fired up

The buzzer sounds

and you have created

something that did not exist… 71 more words