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Feelin' Good

Standing in a grassy field

Wind tickling my ears

As birds serenade to the sky

With some flying in a synchronized “v”

I take in a breath of air… 60 more words



Some are born leaders…
Some are born followers…
Yet most know one can be the other…

I choose to serve…
Refuse to be anything more… 86 more words



Seeing you was like a movie that moved me

And watching you ride away drove me crazy

Thoughts in 10 directions

Leaving 21 questions

That only 1 can answer… 15 more words


Brighter Day Ahead

Working a part-time job

Doing full-time hours

We are all trying to make money

Not realizing only half of the check is ours

Work never ends and ends never meet… 107 more words


poem- NaPoWriMo- I know

I know


snapped pieces

knitting together

painful steps

I know


echoes of memory

wishing to tomorrow

wanting it to be.

I know

potential… 21 more words


Four Things I Learned About Education Working With The Army

A few years ago I had the privilege of working with members of the NZ Army and NZ Defence Forces education team. It was lots of fun being on base and I learned a bunch of things that have really stuck with me over time. 309 more words


It's not dark enough

A brand new day. A sun shines, and it shines in every corner. There is no darkness. There is no place to run or hide, because the light reaches everything. 160 more words