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Lost in Smoke

Hold it in,
The smoke and the fire.
Never breathe out
And risk the destruction
Of all that is so dear to you.
The memories these relics hold… 127 more words




Today is just one of those days.

I feel like tiptoeing around, avoiding actually calling it something instead of being vague and nondescript, because if I give  340 more words


Express Train

Conducting this express train charging to the unknown,
are Diligence. Perseverance. Ambition.

Loaded to near completion,
Boxes of
Work upon
Work upon
cram inside the cars. 75 more words

The Nuances of Your Words Are Like Gravity

What can’t be seen
Holds us down
What can’t be spoken
Is the weight in which we drown

I feel it haunting me
The only take away… 218 more words


The Secrets of the Shadowy Grove


There was a shadowy grove, hidden deep in the forest

Rarely visited, if at all or, by those of kindly intentions

The shadows are deep and in them the land rarely dries… 302 more words


A Real-life Angry Bird and a Word About the Mormons

I accidentally parked on the towel when I pulled Mom’s Cadillac into the garage tonight. One towel I throw on the motorcycle when I take her car out, the other I usually throw over the grill but the wind must have blown it onto the ground. 836 more words