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Cognitive lives scientific

The BBC Radio 4 series The Life Scientific has recently profiled three four, count’em, three four, cognitive scientists.

Because the BBC find the internet confusing I’m just going to link straight to the mp3s to save you scrabbling about on their site. 122 more words


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this might be very useful to anyone with a brain

The Hungry Heart

The hungry heart needs nourishment, needs filling with servings of love, that diet of anxiety and trauma needs changing, many young hearts are disappointed, the spirit of love needs double helpings, suicide levels among the young traumatic and unreported, Solomon sighed, bad enough being hungry even worse without love, pure victims open to every addiction, that spirit needed more than ever, will put an end to so much hardship, so much trapped love in older souls too, all waiting for their moment to come, most having given up, all in need resuscitation, the power of miracles how it inspired, worked all those years ago was working today, Solomon was pushing it for all that it was worth, if others hid it he was going to show it, faith, he wore it good or bad, in front, didn’t disguise the harsh reality, it needed saying, pour it out he prayed, the Loving spirit, never too late to begin loving. 13 more words


Irish Brothel

Three Irishmen are sitting in the pub window seat, watching the front door of the brothel across the road.

The local Methodist pastor appears, looks up and down the street, and goes inside. 97 more words


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three irish men visiting a brothel....

Without Love

The walls of secrecy have to fall, the interior one inside, the content of the mind, growth of the pornographic kind, hundreds of millions addicted, crunch time for humanities sake, Solomon was alarmed, the statistics beyond comprehension almost, faith in love had been replaced, by the image mentality, the picture from the sky should have sent alarm bells ringing,  was it time to coral porn online and everything adult, the soft talking was over, the reality of God Most High could not be denied, if there was a future it started now, a simple card was all that was needed, filling young heads with images that denied love, was having a dire affect on the health of billions, and the forecast in the future demanded immediate attention, madness had been normalised, it had to change, the future of love on earth demanded it, the picture in the sky, was not a simple image, was the proof many tried to deny, it pointed to the reality of time being of the essence. 58 more words


What's That Girl watching....

She’s watching, the mirror, never good enough, wants to look thinner, tired of being rejected, doesn’t try drugs, or other forms of escape, prefers honesty, if only I was thinner, the girls in the fashion magazine, miserable looking and thin, she wants to imitate them, wants clothes to hang loose, girls in the photographs, get all the good men, it’s psychological warfare, she can’t handle, been this way for years, everywhere she looks, even governments, have used these tactics, scaring into submission, doing it all sorts of ways, Solomon saw a sight, saddened him, wasn’t sad in himself, a friend of his, looking waif thin, with the angels all around, pure foolishness not to make the point, God Most High would hear, he’d ask wisdom to help, with a prayer, amen.


5 Challenges Young Caregivers Face

Young Caregivers make up 12-18% of the caregiving population yet are not often talked about in the media. Although many people don’t think of teens and millennials as caregivers, they are and have their own unique set of problems they face in addition to the enormous amount of challenges caregivers in general face. 584 more words

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caregivers can be very young

Lets struggle to make ourself enough strong to face life...

A man, an avid Gardener saw a small Butterfly laying few eggs in one of the pots in his garden.
Since that day he looked at the egg with ever growing curiosity and eagerness. 370 more words

Inspirational Quotes

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wisdom for parents and encouragement for those of us who struggle, meaning everyone, and those who rush in ...