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“What’s the alarm, God Most High is real, it’s not a myth, greatest news there is, means all believers were right, why would anyone be anxious, it’s not that you don’t share, it’s not you don’t care, it’s not that your blind to the needs of others, you don’t mind giving a little, you don’t mind being hungry occasionally, you don’t have prejudices, your not a racist, it’s not that you joined a network that takes advantage of the vulnerable, it’s not that you didn’t use your talents wisely, I’m sure everyone who is given the opportunity to see the images from the cloud, will be filled with a few new ideas and possibly a new heart filled with love, just saying, there is no need to be coy, or is there?,” 33 more words


Sneak Peak of EP stills!

Epic shot from Han Marko – legendary photographer

Justine Jade

"You can give up all the candy you want and still be trapped in the old mind." Richard Rohr, OFM

If you don’t know Richard Rohr, OFM, and have not read any of his books or articles, or have heard him speak, please stop what you are doing, … 560 more words


Basic Girl Blues

eyes wide open, big heart inside,  believes in her God,  unaware of the demon, ventures into the world,  very eager to love, wants to marry settle down, goes about life, gets a good education, hopes to meet another,  reads the papers and news, fills her with ideas new, so much she believes, taints her outlook and choices, wants to be with the fashion, doesn’t want to stand out, acquires the habits of others, weakens her faith, acquires bias and judges, distances herself from God, eventually she’s unrecognizable, a stranger in her  life, she didn’t do anything wrong, the influences that surrounded her, it’s that easy to lose yourself, and get it all wrong,now she gets it, the basic girl blues,  amen.


Bucharest Bookstore Opens in Beautifully Restored 19th Century Building

Carturesti Carusel (“Carousel of Light”) is a breathtaking new bookstore that opened earlier this month in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. Designed by Square One… 155 more words


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brightest bookstore on earth

The Child

No one was listening to him accept joey, the dealer, his new friend,  was a choice between being undermined at home or heard elsewhere, what do you do, your young and want to have a go at life, your very impressionable, so is the porn industry, i’d like to be a model, … 112 more words