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Need a therapist? First complete this obstacle course and jump through hoops of fire...

For the record, it should not be this difficult to find a therapist. Let me set the scene, I have been trying to find a therapist I click with for over a month now. 181 more words


Start Extensional Rant

Van Morrison once said “There’s always a struggle. Sure. What else is there? That’s what life is made of. I don’t know anything else, do you? 178 more words


Panic at the Disco and just about anywhere else

It seems bizarre that the word panic can incur actual panic in me. It’s one of those instances where repeating it over and over again just makes the word sound strange and foreign yet it is so prevalent in my life. 356 more words


Dear Diary!

Hi Guys,

I am beyond shocked with the amount of work that goes into uploading a video, I have signed up to Vimeo just to make the upload process a little easier for myself. 135 more words

Let Me Introduce Myself


So let me explain why I am sitting at my computer typing away on this blog I have created. I suffer from bulimia I have been for the last 8 years, I think I was around 15 when it all started. 299 more words


Bipolar 1 Mania: Am I though?

“Girl, you crazy!” Used to leave me laughing with my girlfriends about something I had just said or done. Now though, it leaves me with the feeling like I might puke. 155 more words