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Pornography vs real life

Originally posted on my Subspeak blog.

So I was thinking again – something I really shouldn’t do too much of in public because my mind wanders to the most inappropriate places – and I started thinking about porn. 366 more words


Those Parenting Days

Some days parenting feels like I’m the kid and the kids are the ravioli. (Is that how you spell ravioli? Why does it look wrong? Don’t you hate it when a simple word like that looks completely wrong but logic tells you it is right? 11 more words



beyond the pane: life
ordered-messy, structured-random
breathing through uncountable bodies
while street lights turn neon green
freeing pedestrians, dogs and their walkers;
two cats stray silent on window sills.


Thinking Out Loud

She lives and has a lot to share

Okay. So I have not posted anything for almost three weeks.
Im fine. Im okay. Im feeling many things at once. For all those people who thought I had died, or worse, simply stopped blogging, no worries. 765 more words


So seriously, I am crazy messy.

I know most people say that and then you turn up at their house and everything is in place with maybe a piece of paper that hasn’t been filed…well, that’s not me. 808 more words


Bed Head

My adversion to blow dryers is due to pure laziness. I am dedicated to great hair, just not that kind of dedicated. I’m not into physically harming myself via holding the dryer in that awkward fashion for far too long. 293 more words


Freddie and Sophia

It looks like Watch Me Date is here to stay! The Guardian are asking for applications. If you have no shame and think love can be found at the other end of Google Glass – rather than the end of a martini glass where it belongs – you should go for it. 933 more words

Table Manners