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Warriors of Faith: The Three Archangels

Warriors of Faith: The Three Archangels.

The names of the Three Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.
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Saint Michael is the “Prince of the Heavenly Host,” the leader of all the angels. 346 more words

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Stop Pretending Like You Have It All Figured Out

I could have easily titled this post “How To Ask For Help,” but I wanted to be more forceful.  I found inspiration for this post sitting in the living room answering emails and comments from readers.  507 more words


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"How often do you ask for help? Do you listen to others? Are you quick to interrupt in order to inject your thoughts into a conversation? Do you find yourself talking about topics of which you really have no knowledge?" AAAAK -- so timely. This happened to me this week!  So much for not blogging!  Yah lured me out Dray! This character defect is something I want to finally tackle (this is from kindergarten days!) as I collaborate with a friend on a project right now. Just this week after a gathering with her and others, this issue "slapped me." I had a strong attack of self consciousness after leaving the gathering. Was I a blabbermouth?! Did I make it all about me and take away from my friend and why we were there in the first place?! After the meeting, when I got home and first thing in the morning I ruminated on this and apologized to her first thing in the morning. She didn't see my behavior at all like I did and was so loving, kind and understanding -- she "get me" and accepts me, far more so than I do lol.  So it's still bothering me. The first step in recovery -- acknowledging you have a problem! Ok, here comes "justification."  Us blabbermouths aka "know it all's" always have excuses for our behavior lol! About 12 years ago I was labeled ADHD - my brain can be pure monkey and my mouth chattering to keep up! I also come from a line of ministers and such folk are accustomed to being the focal point of conversation! In my genes?! While I didn't choose to become a minister/pastor/priest/priestess, I guess I give off an energy that suggests I am one. Family, friends, neighbors, strangers all want to talk to me about their deepest, darkest secrets. I often feel like a mobile therapist! I am also an Empath or highly sensitive person which goes hand in hand with probably why people feel compelled to talk to me about their personal stuff. My husband calls it "sin keeping" like Catholic priests do in confessionals. He and I share these experiences. When I am in one of these "true confessions scenarios", I will listen and often even before they are done or while they are talking to me, the "messages" come fast and vast! It's hard to censure what comes to me, tone it down or turn it off once it starts. More times than not,  the messages are timely and helpful -- just what they need and they feel better inside and out. When they come to me, it's not entirely inappropriate and pretty much why they seek me out. As I now realize, the other night my "normal" was inappropriate.  I had gone to her home to take part in a mediation led by her not the other way around.  This wasn't suppose to be Jackie's show and tell hour! Part of what spurred things on was the inquisitive fellow she invited to join us.  I had never met him before and when he expressed interest in the orgonite piece I made and brought along, the floodgates opened!  He went home with a page of notes/references to look into about orgonite and other stuff I've discovered lately!  My enthusiastic sharing took time away from my friend and her sharing and she's so unassuming she didn't say anything!  Just let me rattle on lol. In my apology I gave her a link to one of my favorite scenes in Austin Powers: https://youtu.be/5RN1b11t9ks - Dr. Evil tells Scotty to zip it I told her we need to come up with a "zip-it" signal LOL! A memory came to me with all of this and helps illustrate things. I remembered going out to eat with my Grandpa and Grandma after they were divorced. When all the family got together, the time had to be split up but this time we all went out to eat together. My Grandpa loved the spotlight and when he "did what he does" this particular time, my Grandma got furious at him! "You always do that - have to be the center of attention!" I hadn't realized how much I'm like my Grandpa -- good and bad.  I also remember many of my report cards had teacher comments about "Jackie has a problem talking out of turn" and this hasn't changed much through the years! I have learned ALOT, especially the past few years and because I live a pretty isolated life don't have anyone besides my poor husband and four fur kids to share it with!  I get pent up!  I can blog about it but it's just not the same as having a back and forth dialogue with a real person!  Most of my "socializing" is in forums like this or the rare visit with a neighbor. So when I get into a situation like the other night -- it just bursts forth! Bottom line to all of this -- I gots some more growing to do AND have asked for help which is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone!!  Hopefully any fellows with my affliction here can benefit from Dray's awesome post! Thank you! *here is link to my friends site and the gallery she put together to share the artwork I'm doing for her!  Wish you could meet her! http://www.blessedoaks.com/artwork-credit.html