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Contacts + message backup for Windows Phone

Last week, Microsoft released the “contacts+message backup” app. This app is useful  for those of us who either keep changing phones, losing them, or in our case having to hard reset them after playing around. 159 more words


Work. Rest. Repeat*

It’s been one-of-those-days. Traffic, too much work and assorted other stresses. My phone rings when I’m on my way home at long last at seven o’clock. 398 more words

Looking for "the next Facebook"? It's actually one of Zuckerberg's own properties: Messenger

Facebook will now allow consumers to make high definition video calls with the mobile applications for Messenger, the dedicated communications service that has become a social platform unto itself around the world. 298 more words


The pop up department....

Every now and then a donation arrives that’s asking for a module of its own. Sometimes it’s a product selection that doesn’t quite fit in one department or there isn’t a department it belongs too. 312 more words

User Flow Template

A user flow shows the steps a user takes to accomplish his or her goal. One way to start building wireframes is to write out each step (or item of functionality) that the user will encounter, and match it to key messages. 92 more words


User flow example

A user flow shows the steps a user takes as he/she moves through a website. In this example of a user flow, these are the screens the user will see as he/she buys a pair of shoes. 31 more words


The Top Five Hottest Mobile Messaging Apps

When texting first came on the scene, many people turned their nose up at the idea of sending a written message to someone’s phone. “Why not call them?” they would ask. 565 more words

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