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Message broker evaluation and benchmarks

In Pursuit of Messaging Brokers is a comparison between 10 different messaging brokers published by David Gevorkyan at eHarmony. It includes a video and presentation slides.


Messaging Protocols: AMQP, MQTT, STOMP and Broker

AMQP : Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol

Two of the most important reasons to use AMQP are reliability and interoperability. As the name implies, it provides a wide range of features related to messaging, including reliable queuing, topic-based publish-and-subscribe messaging, flexible routing, transactions, and security. 316 more words


The Song Remains the Same

In 1940 Woody Guthrie released ‘Dust Bowl Ballads’, an album of semi-autobiographical songs about American migrant labourers during the 1930s. This could be considered as one of the first so called ‘concept albums’ where all the songs contained a single theme or unified story. 647 more words

Challenge Me

Your communications team is bigger than you think

Most organizations hire a communications person (or team) to handle their external communications and marketing. You know, things like the website, social media, email newsletters, the annual report, and maybe some press releases. 269 more words


Is Advertising Becoming More Inclusive?

Well, there does seem to be more content out there celebrating diversity in all its forms. From interracial families enjoying Cheerios to the flood of… 333 more words

What Gilligan's Island Taught Me about Messaging

Last night, my family and I flopped in front of the TV after a long workday and watched an early episode of the 1960s classic… 732 more words


Stop texting right now and learn from the Chinese: there's a better way to message

Voice messaging—or sending short audio clips instead of text messages—has taken China by storm. Step on a Beijing subway and you’ll see people barking into their phones intermittently, as if they’re using walkie-talkies. 926 more words