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NOT Waiting for your text

Admit it. You have waited for a text from someone.

Or you over-think about what to text, what emoticons to put in the end. Should you put a smiley in the end, or not?   223 more words

We texted in and out of each other's mind

We went in and out of each other’s mind with the agility of fingers leaping over an iPhone screen half covered by the keyboard we’ve built our playground from. 268 more words


Message Driven Bean.

EJB Specification also defines provisions for Messaging in the name of Message Driven Beans. Message driven beans are Message Consumers which are annotated @MessageDriven. An ActivationConfigProperty array provides it with key value pairs that provides the bean with properties that it needs to function. 786 more words


Thanks for the memories...

I am happy to admit that online dating is a marvellous thing. I never used to think this way, but previously I think I had the wrong attitude towards it. 598 more words

Online Dating

My Product Review

Samsung GT S5300

  Samsung is really a brand that you can trust with. To be specific GT S5300 this phone contains more space for the application you want to install. 510 more words

Caliber Debuts A Messaging App Designed For Business Professionals

A number of startups in years past have tried to carve out their own niche in the business networking space under the looming shadow of LinkedIn by offering an alternative way to connect with industry colleagues, often on mobile. 853 more words


The Most Important Thing on the Internet Is the Screenshot

Excerpt from this article:

Ivelina’s boyfriend stopped responding to her texts. No small trauma. She was a high school senior; they’d been together a year, and then—two weeks of nothing.

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