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Dear Oscar,

Sometimes it’s hard to believe almost five months have passed us by since your fate was decided.
Five long months during which so much has happened. 121 more words

Oscar Pistorius


My dear boy – my friend,

This I have made for you. I told you to look for a blue and white butterfly (with some silver on it) remember? 53 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Mountain Top

Dear Oscar

In recent days due to recent tragedies the Mountains have been the subject of National News broadcasts around the world.

For me I have always viewed the Mountains as a place of great beauty and a place to be feared in equal measure. 450 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Daily devotional

Suffering reveals character. Forgiving those who taunt and mock your suffering gives glory to God and in the end everything is about His glory.

Praying for you Oscar, that you will be able to walk in forgiveness to the countless and faceless people who have judged you. 11 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Defying Gravity

Hi Oscar,

I hope you had a good Easter, and that you are getting closer to your release date. I want things to start getting better for you from now on, as you deserve justice and to be able to move forward with your life. 162 more words

Oscar Pistorius