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Paul's Caul... Life's Good

For all those playing at home, I don’t have red hair and a beard and I’m not G-bags Mcfilthy mouth… no, I am not the father of this blog, I’m perhaps best described as this blogs estranged brother that likes to drop by unannounced and expects every thing that’s great about writing a blog whilst having no responsibility at all… yes that is me in a delicious nut shell, I’m simply a man called Paul who has a shit load to say about food and anything even slightly related to it, like travel, drinking and eating of said food. 1,370 more words

Pauly's Segment

Monday: Merle arrives in Ireland

This morning I picked up my LG tablet prize with my other Smarter Travel Challenge teammates, and we had a tea in Scholars with one of the Smarter Travel guys. 99 more words

Crucible with Merle

It’s rare to get online and have practically nobody to play with. Tru7h was helping a low level coworker and his friend do strikes, and pretty much everyone else was offline, except Merle. 156 more words


Nerdfest at Planet Comicon

Yesterday Glen and I attended Planet Comicon. Several great actors from some of our favorite science fiction/fantasy shows were there. Plus, you can never go wrong with the fantastic people watching :-) … 133 more words

The Young Pup's Adventure

Meet Blue! You would not believe where Jeff Ross found him. Jeff, the owner of Blue, was looking for a dog one afternoon after taking a break from owning a dog because his previous dog had passed away. 213 more words



Merle Shiflett loves pick-axes.   He has a special one that he sanded down so that his hands fit perfectly around the middle. He loves to stare at their handles and let his fingers trace down where they are thick at the top and then slope inward like a woman’s calf. 49 more words

N.R. Allen

How 'The Walking Dead' made me realize I'd married my dad, but only a little

I’ve always heard that we marry our parents. It’s why children of abuse often find themselves with abusive spouses, why those of impossible-to-please moms or dads find spouses who never find them worthy. 926 more words