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Kielbasa Krisis: Poland Central Bank Cuts Key Rate To 1.50 Percent To Combat Deflationary Spiral an (Follows The Central Bank Pack)

Poland is experiencing a deflationary spiral and is cutting their Central Bank reference rate to combat it. Or as Bruce Willis said in Die Hard, “ 86 more words


Is Russia And Ukraine Really At War?

Daily Mail

Average Penis Size Study Shows ‘Normal’ Isn’t Necessarily What You ThoughtHuffington PostWhat’s the average penis size? The results are in, and they show it takes less to be well-endowed than you might think. 11 more words



David J Linden, the professor of neuroscience at John Hopkins University certainly does. He’s just written a book called Touch. It has the rather beautiful subtitle: The science of hand, heart and mind. 361 more words


Putin intimidates Angela Merkel with his 'political dog'

During tough negotiations over energy concerns between Russia and German in January 2007, Putin invited his large dog Soni to meet Chancellor Merkel during a press conference. 210 more words


Lock and load... and get ready to jump!

It becomes clearer by the day that Berlin and its co-conspirators in the so-called “European” “union” are firmly committed to crushing Greece in a perfect exercise of paleo-Nazism. 395 more words

Greece and the "EU:" How to become the first "honorable KIA"

“The EU’s lack of flexibility, self-discipline, and humility makes a rapid resolution for Greece difficult, at best, Satyajit Das wrote this morning in a candid, quick analysis of Greece’s “options” as the Kabuki theater of horrors, involving bankrupt Hellas and her “partners” in the so-called “European union,” continues without  586 more words