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'Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs' 

An interview with author, Lauren Rivera about her book, Pedigree, just published by Princeton University Press.

Article by Jake New at Inside Higher Ed. … 8 more words


Equal Opportunity at Work!


‘Compassion’ is not sympathy.

‘Dignity’ doesn’t need one.

Holding hands is beyond both.’

Differences make no difference. 

*Infiniti is an equal opportunity employer. 12 more words

Great Place To Work For

The art of throwing “out the meritocratic baby with the aristocratic bathwater”

Radical Orthodoxy’s James K.A. Smith has recently written about the complex web of nuance within our approaches toward, and mechanisms for dealing with, social “inequalities”, or otherwise. 559 more words


Tolerance is NOT Admirable

Amongst those who espouse the “virtue” of a multi-ethnic society, toleration is often spoken of as an admirable quality. However, at its root, toleration means putting up with something you dislike. 187 more words

Social Justice

Vigorous Meritocracy

“There is something to be said for lanect governance. Not a lot, but something.

“That something is that lanect polities are some of the truest meritocracies in the Worlds. 435 more words


Actually, you don't like the royal family as much as you think you do...

I sort of understand if you’re a daft  tourist visiting Britain, and you want to gawp at the weirdo freakazoid Brit monarchy (though of course the whole Good For Tourism thing is… 885 more words