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“Develop the virtues and talents with which every child is endowed”

From Rise of the Meritocracy*, by Michael Young:

“In the light of this approach sought to give a new meaning to equality of opportunity.

“ should not mean equal opportunity  to rise up in the social scale, but equal opportunity for all people, irrespective of their ‘intelligence’, to develop the virtues and talents with which they are endowed, all their capacities for appreciating the beauty and depth of human experience, all their potential for living life to the full. 181 more words


Education, inequality, communities

Some context first for this blog. I’ve interacted with several organisations in the past couple of weeks and a significant topic has been inequality. My principal interest is inequality of opportunity in the education system and how to avoid it, and indeed promoting schools as agents of social change. 448 more words


Women in Technology

Warning: rant forthcoming.

I don’t get the women in technology problem. Oh, I understand and see the problem. I also understand and see the problem is primarily with men. 574 more words


The Myth of Meritocracy in Britain

One of the core precepts of modern Liberal Democracy is the concept of “meritocracy”. Such a term is not often bandied around in the political arena by politicians and their supposedly critical media: this is no coincidence. 681 more words

Political Theory

Harvard publishes first comic book; apocalypse to follow

No, seriously. The Harvard University Press just published a comic book.

I don’t care that it tries to communicate complex mathematical theories (I admit that comics — aren’t we supposed to call them “graphic novels” now? 258 more words


The Meritocracy Primer

The world is a mess.
War, famine, disease, corruption and endless crises are symptoms of this mess.
You know something must be done before it’s too late. 4,596 more words


Career Opportunities, the one's that never knock!

As a young man searching for a career to suit my post-graduate qualifications I am constantly told by family and friends that “something will turn up eventually for you” or something else along those lines. 980 more words

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