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Shiva's Forgiveness

Śrīmad Bhāgavata 4.7.1 ~ 12:

Now hear how Śiva replied, smiling and wholly satisfied with Unborn Brahmā’s advice.

The greatest of gods said, “I will not speak, or even think, of the wrongs done by childish people who are simply creatures of divine illusion. 382 more words

An Online Prayer Vigil for Those Facing Execution in Indonesia.

This week begins with the news that the Indonesian Government intends to proceed with theexecution by firing squad of ten people convicted of drug offenses. 232 more words

It's a wrap: Life at the Curb (Sunday, April 26, 2015)

If you’ve ever gotten in trouble for doing something nice for someone, you know how Peter and John felt in Acts 4:1-12. But it wasn’t all their fault. 91 more words

Sunday Wrap Up


My life has been a challenging assortment of stuff over the past several months.  Lots of changes, some loss, some heartache, and a whole lot of confusion.  350 more words


The last few months have been a confusing, confuzzled configuration of one mess puddle after another. There are times when it feels like I walk out of one valley and fall into another that is deeper than the last. 476 more words

Haunted, Haunting Beauty

and now, here in
these modern spaces
defined by “beholder’s eye”
and beauty tenuous and lost
somewhere in between
there and nowhere
we only feel the loss… 242 more words