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The first picture with the cat in cherry blossoms fs fabric is hand sewn by me. I gave him green buttons for eyes, a red heart button for a nose, and a silver ring for a septum piercing. 61 more words


Summer is coming

Where is your ‘Happy’ summer place?

Everyone has one. Mine is different meow then it was when I was a teen or even 30 something. My ‘Happy’ Summer place is listening to music while chillin’ out in the shade with my husband and/or kids (when they are with me in the summer) Even though we are in the shade, still need shades on!! 31 more words

Check Meowt

What does a cool cat with shades say? Check meowt.nFeaturesnnAmerican Apparel Unisex Fitted TeenWhiten

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I drew the mountains of snow-

Rather salty and bitter,

Like perfect ranges of my thought,

And being God was easy somehow

As I drew the lines thicker- 79 more words

Free Verse