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There is an expression that our English fails to make provision for that the German language makes an answer to. “Schadenfreude”- the dubious pleasure derived from seeing someone you envy meet with misfortune. 305 more words



Hello everybody,

Joe Addai Kusi is an author, pastor, educator and visionary leader.I’m honored to share my thoughts and experiences with you and excited to connect with you too through this blog. 13 more words


All In a Day's Work

To know Texas A&M Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE) researcher Dr. Craig Wilson is to love him — if not for his genuine passion and absolute gift for scientific knowledge, inquiry and outreach, then for his entertaining stories in pursuit of the aforementioned. 774 more words


Budgeting Tips For Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur reading this now, you most likely started your business because you had a deep passion for what you are offering. Your mission means something to you. 333 more words


Next Level Feedback

In the software world we hear a lot about this idea of software craftsmanship, but really, taking pride in the work we do or the deliverables we provide is something we should  980 more words


Ten Thousand Coffees: Building Professional Relations, One Cup at a Time

Relationships are the core of a burgeoning and valuable life and just as we societally have basic needs to fulfill, we also have that one rudimentary need to feel belonging through valuable and advantageous relationships.  589 more words


Road of Life

The peaks and valleys of life come and go. They are in a circle. Repeating themselves constantly. I am not sure where the start of one problem begins for it often seems like the connections from one issue serve as the catalyst for others. 690 more words

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