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Onew and Kim Ian was close during trainee days

[SM Actor Kim Ian- “Been through thick and thin with Henry, Onew….Savouring the ‘taste’ of acting…very happy/blissful

Even though they were both trainees during the same period (of time), Kim Ian who is older than Onew reminisces: “When (I was a) trainee, we would learn dancing from 10 in the morning to 10 at night, singing, acting, rap and among the trainees, only Onew stretched out his hand to me and went, “Hyung, let’s go practice/rehearse~”

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Strip Scribbles: Jack Colton bringing L.V. to San Diego


Scott Disick hosts at Sapphire Pool & Dayclub in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 6, 2013. Kourtney Kardashian surprised him at the new adult hotspot. 306 more words

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Updates to Facebook Mentions

By Allison Swope, Product Manager

Every week, there are more than two billion interactions between public figures and their fans on Facebook.

We built… 271 more words


Why The Lea?

02nd February, 2015. 5:24pm

This is in response to the Daily Prompt’s Do or Die:

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing.

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Nancy Lang, Park Yuchun is My Ideal Type. Because He's Sexy...

Pop artist Nancy Lang mentions Park Yuchun as her ideal type.

Previously in MBC Queen ‘Talk Concert Queen’ Nancy Lang shared openly.

On this day, when MCs asked, “Among all the celebrities, who has the sexiest brain?” Nancy Lang replied, “Park Yuchun.” She revealed the reason being, “The looks of him changing gaze and his passionate self makes me feel that he’s a man with a sexy brain.” 156 more words


Nancy Lang Mentions Yuchun and Wake Me Tonight in Her Tweets

The sexy-brained JYJ Park Yuchun-ssi~! Nancy & Coco Chanel World Top DJ James Roh together with Mark oppa as fans really, really congratulate “Wake Me Tonight” single album for being second in the Oricon Chart~ JYJ forever~Ang (T/N: cute expression)~! 8 more words


Yeo Jingu, "Park Yuchun Was Committed in Haemoo to the Point Where I Could Hardly Recognize Him." (Interview)

Actor Yeo Jingu mentions Park Yuchun’s debut film ‘Haemoo.’

On this day, when speaking about Park Yuchun who was also nominated for Best Rookie Award in the Daejong Film Awards last year, Yeo Jingu says, “It was great to meet him again after so long. 144 more words