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25th April 2015

To conclude my previous ‘support team’ posts I have decided to briefly touch on my beautiful friends and their role in my recovery. When I was at my worst I was living with two of my closest friends. 307 more words


OCD On Fleek

When you search “OCD”, one of the first things that comes up is the quote:

I have CDO. It’s like OCD, but the letters are in alphabetical order…as they should be. 240 more words

9 in 10 people with mental condition record high levels of discrimination

This new report from RAND researchers highlights both the need to confront stigma, and the opportunity to promote mental health in our state with the statewide stigma reduction efforts offered by CalMHSA, says Wayne Clark, executive director of CalMHSA. 115 more words

California Residents Report Mental Health Stigma

Some of the country sights Florida being an open minded state, a somewhat different environment is perceived by citizens with mental health problems. This perception was discovered in a brand new RAND Corporation research that identified a sizable percentage of people with mental illness reporting discrimination in both public and personal settings. 103 more words


There’s this certain feeling in the previous spots where I forced pressure down with a blade. Everyday I feel this pain in each spot like it was aching for it again like a slut. 217 more words

Going Down on a Roller-Coaster of My Life. Again.

Once again, my disorder is messing with my life. This weekend I was supposed to have a workshop with our school choir, but no, not for me. 521 more words