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Weddings: Contrasts and Contracts

It is interesting how contrast exists, even in weddings.

In some cultures, the tradition remains that the bride wears a white dress and the groom wears black. 1,371 more words


Why is it so hard to be truthful?

I cant remember when I just started to think differently, but I can tell you since I have tried to be more truthful to MYSELF, I have felt so much more at ease. 426 more words


Week 1 in the books capped off with Rugby!

This is me at the end of week 1 of Smolov. On the ground, pretty sure I was mostly dead, maybe completely dead, and wondering where the strength to get up was going to come from. 750 more words


Hierarchy of disagreement

I came across this in my facebook timeline recently, and i figured i would do an exercise where i try to replicate what the author had in mind for each of these segments. 797 more words

Bad Days

Today is one of those bad days. One of those days when I feel like crying and going to bed and just sleep for several months. 381 more words


Yoga Day 23!

It’s amazing how quickly time passes even when you are counting down the days. I’ve learned to seriously love child’s pose because it stretches out my hips. 322 more words


18th April 2015

Support. My last post discussed the support of my boyfriend *Lenny and the thought that perhaps I have taken his loving manner for granted. To continue with the idea of support I thought I should reflect upon another significant support group, my family. 298 more words