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Mental Abortion 2

She said I need to take pills to remember stuff better. I said I’d rather have pills to help me forget.


What Depression Feels Like To Me

The worst feeling I’ve ever known in life is one of being attacked by my own mind. It makes me feel helpless and trapped; two emotions that are hard to fight against. 742 more words

Personal Story

Yoga, Movement & Literacy

Yoga helps students of all ages increase strength, flexibility, coordination, posture and endurance. It also improves concentration and can have a calming effect.

Yoga teaches us to look at challenges in a different way, and it helps us cultivate patience and perseverance in the face of struggle, instead of giving up. 639 more words


Rant of the day: First day jitters

From my own experience and from talking to all those close to me I have discovered that something is inevitable in all new experience: the dreaded first day jitters. 273 more words

Inner Strength and Mental Toughness is essential...

… But that doesn’t mean your mother won’t still kick your ass when you need it.


Home repairs and cleanup is prepping!

One room is clean! I got started on cleaning the rest of the living room walls and Mom got home early from court so she jumped in and helped me Big Time! 916 more words


My Sleep Apnea Journey: Relying on God & The Machine.

“Pain removes the veil; it plants the flag of truth within the fortress of a rebel soul.” – ~C.S. Lewis

I have written about my sleep apnea quite a few times on my blog because it has had a major effect on my life. 633 more words