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How to Be Bipolar

Bipolar is a very misunderstood chemical imbalance. Just because someone has a mental illness it certainly doesn’t make them crazy. You wouldn’t tell a person with diabetes to just stop needing insulin, so why would you tell someone with a mood disorder to stop being sad or overly excited or anxious?!? 1,098 more words



A bright blue skyline on a clear summer day
With a sun that shatters tears in hopeful eyes
While the stone and grass on earth below… 389 more words


You will find mental peace the day you can do this

“The lord of the dance” is what the statue of Nataraja in India is often referred as. It is a depiction of the Indian god ‘Shiva’ performing the cosmic dance to destroy the weary universe-a precursor to the creation of the universe again by the almighty “Brahma”. 1,009 more words


The Mind!

Never did I think, that the person I knew best
could loose themselves to a wondering
wondering mind
for this mind had always wondered
about many things in the world… 75 more words


Anxiety dreams!

Alas, these stomach churning, insomnia inducing nightmares aren’t what you might expect. On a normal night, whether due to my extraordinary imagination, or horror film obsession, I will have dreams full of zombies and ghosts and clowns with no bother. 224 more words

A wild Pixie appeared! (Or why to never pursue self development.)

There comes a time in every person’s life when they must question their life choices, looking inwards to the kind of person they truly are and what they contribute to society and the world as a whole. 421 more words



Yesterday I was in a couple of retail stores near where I live. I had tried on some clothing that didn’t end up fitting. I wasn’t surprised. 288 more words