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We're Up All Night to Get Lucky

I’m up after 2 a.m. which, for me, is no surprise, but this time I’m not alone.  My husband, Nick, is awake with me, laughing and watching… 241 more words



I have to admit relief that mother didn’t call today.  The conversations are unpredictable, sometimes pleasant, occasionally emotionally abusive, and often taxing, reeling me into the realm of trying to make sense of the nonsense for my own psychological sake.  852 more words


Anxiety. Excitement. Same thing!

There once was a time… pre nervous breakdown, pre anxiety disorder, pre fear of the fear that equals the panic attack, that I THRIVED on anxiety. 234 more words


#WeAllHaveAStory | Aden's Story

To end the week, I thought we would share another story… Here is Aden’s Story originally published in Zen Pencils!

My name is Aden, and I’m a 23-year-old writer from Singapore. 899 more words

Defying Shadows

Book: The Man Who Would Be Queen (transgender psychology)


Link thanks to SuperMisdreavus. Whole book.

Autogynephilic and Homosexual Transsexuals: How To Tell Them Apart at pp.192

I don’t count the homosexual ones as you well know because they just come under a queer type of gay really, but good luck getting that back into the DSM when it’s more political than the literal Bible. 425 more words


4.7 will today be any better?

Made way to my fake workplace.I looked at my list,it was not a list,it was a galaxy.

There is no way in hell any human being can achieve that much.The reason for that is two,one I have so many fears,so need to ensure everything is perfect,two,I have so many desires,need to ensure all are fulfilled.It is also cause I have procrastinated so much that now I have to adjust.Also I have burned bridges and I am behaving low on EQ.Which is true. 196 more words