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Random Thoughts

I keep getting a very strong urge to write.  But when I begin, I can’t.  So if this post does not make sense or is very different from my usual posts forgive me, I am just going to write whatever I feel and it may be a bit random and all over the place. 194 more words

Depression...the worst kaype.

What a day. I really had a rough morning. All 3 kiddos myself & oldest had her Easter party today. I of course signed up to help. 116 more words

Mental Illness

Therapy processing and working with parts

Yesterdays therapy session was intense. I felt like crap in the morning. I was going through some memories as this time of year brings up a lot of stuff. 480 more words

Falling Off and What Was Supposed to be Day 3

Last night I had just settled into my Queen sized mattress, and found the comfiest spot amongst the 3 pillows, when I heard a piercing buzzing sound coming from the kitchen. 259 more words

Mental Illness

My Divorce, Step 3

I don’t know how I’ve been lately. It’s kind of a state of being in the past, present and future all day long.

The past is full of bad memories of being bullied into a Vegas wedding, moving to North Dakota and getting a second job to name but a few. 85 more words

Bipolar II

On my mind tonight..

Tonight my father floored me, and it’s keeping me awake because I can’t get it off my mind, so I wanted to put it down in text in hopes of organizing my thoughts a little. 386 more words

Mental Illness

90 Miles An Hour

Holy shit my mind is racing right now!! Aaahhh! How can I go from melancholy and lonely to a near manic state in such a brief period of time??!! 60 more words

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