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I Wasn't Sick

I don’t think eating disorders are taken as seriously as it should. I know I’ve said that dozens of times, but it still irks me. It’s hardly even considered a mental illness. 1,186 more words


Psychodynamic Therapy

My first involvement with therapy back in the early 1990’s was Psychodynamic Therapy, and at the beginning I was uncertain what it involved.  This form of therapy was used to confront the issues dealing with PTSD, but little did I know I was in for an incredibly bumpy ride.   117 more words


A personal & honest experience of being under anorexias firm grip.

So this isn’t easy but I promised myself that I’d be open and honest in this blog as I believe that really is the key for us humans to connect and relate to each other, I think it’ll be good for me to share my experience of having an eating disorder. 1,218 more words

Mental Health

Alien forces and inner demons: One man’s struggle with mental illness

Aliens have been known to communicate with John Roswell.

In the throes of severe psychosis, Roswell often thinks of himself as an alien here on earth. 1,129 more words


Three years in bloody fucking hell

I grew to dread the sound.  My roommate would take the Dixie cup off his dresser and walk to the bathroom.  With the door open,  he would dip the cup into the toilet and drink from it. 334 more words

Mental Illness

a word on darkness

Warning – this post discusses dark and dangerous topics, especially suicide and its motivations. I urge you to carefully consider this warning and not to read if this could upset you. 811 more words


Apparition of the Subconcious

The monster under my bed is a man made of dust,

He cuts a lithe and insubstantial figure,

Crawling silently out every single night,

With an almost beautiful, otherworldly grace, 119 more words

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