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This Post is Dedicated to TakingTheMaskOff.Com and Cortland Pfeffer, With Love

Read the English  Lyrics below first if you need to as this song is in Italian.

HUMAN BEINGS/ESSERI UMANI  or go to this link: https://youtu.be/U-4OrzSBfm8… 563 more words


A Little Shellfish, Not So Crabby

At the end of our NAMI meetings, one of the things we go around the room to ask is ‘What will you do for yourself in the coming weeks?”.   574 more words


Panic-Fu, a poem


If I could throw my panic at you

And you lacked your

– alprazolam

– lorazepam

– what-have-you-am

You’d suffocate from this balloon of spikes that nestles between…

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Mental Illness is Real: An Anti-April Fools Day Post

Today is April fool’s day, but you won’t be finding a prank or gag from me on here.

It’s not because I have no sense of humor, or don’t enjoy messing with people every once in a while, but because the topics discussed on this blog are so personal and crucial to so many people’s beings. 312 more words


A view from the inside

My heart has been racing lately. I have been reflecting. But when reflection turns into a tumble down the Rabbit Hole, my heart races. My emotions commit mutiny and Mr. 564 more words


This Has Been Heavily Edited to Suit All Audiences

I want to be the queen of good news, and warm fuzzy feelings, I do. I really, really do, but sometimes we all have to throw out our crowns and step out of our gowns. 433 more words

Mental Illness

Frozen In Time.

And if I didn’t miss my old life I’d be crazy but tonight in the pure silence and solitude of my bedroom I admitted my darkest realization that I think about going back out more then I should but towards the end there was a debate if I should start shooting up meth instead of snorting it but doesn’t every meth user at one point reach that thought, that path? 247 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder