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He's at rest in God's hands, but ..................

 While attending a dear friend’s funeral, it  triggered memories of the grief I’d felt when our son died; after he ended his life. I remembered some of the things that well-meaning friends and relatives had said to me. 364 more words


Dress for the sanity you want, not the sanity you have.

I’ve noticed a pattern in something. I have a routine for when I get ready to go see my doctor. I go into my closet and think to myself, “Which outfit makes me look the most sane?” 325 more words

Mental Health

For all those who love but don't understand

Please remember that….

Behind the forced laugh, there may be pain

Behind the jokes, may be tears

I don’t want to be this way

I don’t want to cry all the time for no reason at all… 229 more words


The Truth Behind Self-Harm

Today is self-harm awareness day. Self-harm is a widely misunderstood issue and a bit of a taboo subject but I think it is incredibly important that we talk about it and the truth behind it. 641 more words

Mental Illness

I said No

“No” used to be the hardest word in my vocabulary.

I would say “yes” to anything and everyone and then regret it.  I had trouble with the follow-through and/or admitting I couldn’t do it.   188 more words


How To Make Friends And Influence People

I know why we don’t talk about mental illness. Instead of just telling you, I’m going to tell you a winding story that will expertly end with my breakthrough on the human condition. 1,015 more words

Mental Health