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May is Mental Health month

Let’s help those who suffer from brain illness by advocating for them—and for ourselves. Without adequate treatment, family tragedies abound.

May is set aside for… 234 more words

Mental Health

Saudi Arabia executes second Indonesian maid - CNN.com

Saudi Arabia has executed a second Indonesian maid despite protests from Jakarta, which is itself facing fierce criticism for its failure to heed calls for clemency for a number of foreigners on death row. 773 more words

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Learning to Love You

I wear a necklace that I never take off that writes “Love” on it, given to me by my spiritual guide, Carli, who understands my story and experiences more than anyone. 338 more words


End of the road. (My Goodbyes)

The last few weeks for me have been extremely difficult.

I have been in a constant state of despair, I hardly leave my house, I missed so many days off work I’ve been told not to return. 709 more words


..." Rambles 2 " ....

Another day, usual brain all over the place, but what amazes me is how something simple can realy get to you.

Now before me strokes didn’t use to let anything or anyone even come close to affecting me or me moods, now it’s a totally different story, Had a MRI scan yesterday and being confined in that tube has realy got to me, last night barely any sleep as for as soon as I closed me eyes had a flashback every time to being back in that damm tube , and today it’s exactly the same can’t get that damm  thing out of my mind , keep trying to think of other things but this damm anxiety and fatigue  keep taking hold and dragging me down, least managed to have a hour nap at dinner time, but no good trying to get any more or else be awake again tonite, and as for sleeping tablets , forget it, they either don’t work or send me  out of it not a good combination,,oh well what will be will be, looks like another boreing weekend,, lol , stay tuned for  some more moans and groans from the old git coming soon, or sooner if your lucky, or I,m  bored enough lol


P is for perseverance

Posted as part of the A-Z challenge.

“persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success” is the dictionary definition of perseverance. It’s easy to keep going when it’s going well. 233 more words


Alternate Histories: 5/30, 4/18


They spend a billion dollars over there, but here, they got the homeless. It was told to me the U.S. was like a bully. My mother always told me, take care of home … In my life I never thought I’d see a black president. 516 more words

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