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Learning to shout.

My heart is threatening to pound out of my chest. I can feel it in my eyes and my fingertips, and rising upwards in my throat. 1,677 more words


To Own Things

One of the biggest problems modern man has is this tendency to be victims of consumerism. We are not clear what we really need and what comes from our greed, so what happens is that society can manipulate us, society can bring up situations where attachments, this tendency to own things, to possess things whether they are necessary or not, can arise. 72 more words


Under Construction

The way drivers from my state tell it, “Wisconsin has two seasons – winter and Under Construction.”

The month of June was living proof. The stretch of highway from home into Madison was an obstacle course of Road Work signs, hard hatters digging muddy trenches, and side-tracking detours. 1,291 more words


I Suck at Talking

You would think that someone like me who is very expressive in writing would be great at conveying my emotions in ways other than writing. 761 more words

Life Commentaries

The Other Me

I recently visited Grandma Kuzmich and she told me someone else has moved in; that she doesn’t feel like herself. Boy, do I know what she means. 736 more words

Spiritual Formation


So, yeah. There’s a reason for all this. I’ve been on antidepressants for a while now, long enough that I’m not entirely sure why. In this picture are twelve pills. 200 more words