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Can I be upset by someone's well-intended opinion?

When I woke up today I knew it was starting bad. I sat an exam, leaving once to have a quick panic attack in the hallway before powering on through, and ran out over an hour early. 784 more words


Inside My Self Harmer Brain

// HEAVY TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNING: self harm, cutting, burning, binge eating, weight, graphic detail, typical self harmer thoughts/behaviours, competitive self harmer behaviours, self harm crisis, anxiety/panic, suicide // 1,334 more words


Down a twisty tunnel. Curvy unjulating trance force glowing round me. Being beaten with steel rods about the head, blows shows I suppose. Feeling dizzy, down, mood elevation so far out of reach; hanging fruit smushed to bumbleberry jam underneath cloven hoofed feet. 237 more words

About Me

Before I go jumping into a long emotional ride that is my life I’d like to say that I’m a 31 year old female. I was raised in a very happy, loving and supportive family. 326 more words


High Weight


Weight: last time 153.2

I am not coping with this well. My highest weight in years, 153?! Nuh uh. I’m so fucking done with everything and everyone and eating and this shit. 419 more words


This is Depression.

I haven’t posted for awhile.  It’s not that I’ve abandoned the blog altogether, or that I haven’t had time…well, sort of.  I’ve been very busy lately, and while there should’ve been time between assignments and classes to post a quick update, I was simply too depressed. 498 more words

Half Marathon

Daily positive 41

So many positives right now.

My sons being more respectful and helping around the house.

My daughters outside with sailor and a rugby ball just playing, giggling having fun. 107 more words