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Ups and downs...

…with the odd perfectly peaceful and very welcomed ‘flat’. Yes. A flat. Not the bricks and mortar kind though, not the “dammit that will cost me £120 for a new tyre!” one, but still the kind you live in… 817 more words


Quivers And Quavers

Often, medications have side effects which include shakiness. But mostly, if we have anxiety, shakiness at one time or another, sort of comes with the territory. 307 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

"The Joy of Being Wrong"

“Conscience doth make cowards of us all,” declared Hamlet though in modern English, Shakespeare would have had Hamlet call it “consciousness.” Shakespeare saw that the awareness that consciousness brings is stunning and tends to give us pause to the point that his projective characters Hamlet and Macbeth were often stymied into inaction with their “pauser reason.” Shakespeare had Hamlet note that his obsessive thinking, which created his hyper consciousness, was actually cowardice when he admitted that if all his wisdom were “quartered,” it would be, “three parts cowardice and one part wisdom.” 194 more words

Poetry And Prose

What is normal?

Many times the word ‘normal’ is used as something to strive for, but what is normal?
This is the Oxford dictionary definition:

Conforming to a standard; … 73 more words

Blog: A little too much.

I went to the clinic today. The one where I’m in treatment for alcohol abuse.

I drank my first ‘shot’ of alcohol on my 14th birthday. 936 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Top 5 Apps for Your Mental Health

In a world where everyone has a phone on them 24/7, why not use it for your greater good? In this blog, I explore 5 apps that I believe can make a difference in your life. 647 more words


A weekend for me

This was exactly the kind of weekend I need from time to time. The kids had a 3 day weekend, which meant I let them do some sleepovers.Plus Danny and Kim were gone Saturday pretty much all day and night. 403 more words

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