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24/05/15 Up Periscope

Well really…you’ve just cheapened yourself with those tawdry thoughts…
Whoops, sorry, that was me taking any opportunity for a schoolboy gag…

Anyway, back to the actual story. 259 more words

Mental Health

Lost: One Bandwagon, If Found Please Return

Despite hoping to hop right back on the wagon, over the last few days I’ve totally lost sight of the bandwagon and reverted back to my old bingeing habits. 752 more words


Sunday Anxieties

I feel anxious and sick (Did I mention I have a cold?), but mostly anxious. I had a great afternoon eating sushi at my favorite place, but since I got home it’s like I have this sick feeling in my stomach. 212 more words

Anxiety Disorder

24/05/15 Walk a Mile the Brand...HHHEEELLPPP!!!

For those of you who’ve been following the walkamile gig for a while, you’ll know there’s an event looming, in conjunction with See Me in Edinburgh in September. 341 more words

Mental Health

"The Closed Cab of Occupation"


W. H. Auden declared that “We drive through life in the closed cab of occupation.” Auden was, like myself, an alienated soul sentenced to life as an “observer” of life rather than a “participant.” But being an “observer” with the capacity to even “observe” himself, i.e. 489 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Dementia Awareness Week

This week was Dementia Awareness Week, another cause that is close to my heart, being a carer for two people with dementia. I will be honest and say that I forgot about it. 535 more words


Haiku Cycle

Break time here at the
synaptic schoolyard. You can
ride the swings all day.

Day lights sights you see,
saw before and that may be… 185 more words

Mental Health