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June 2015 Carnival of Aces Round-Up: Mental Health

This past month we’ve had a lot of really important conversations about mental health. It is my hope that these will serve as a point to ground future attempts to educate therapists in the actual lived experiences of the aces who most desperately need their care. 793 more words


standing in a tornado

Ever get the feeling the world is spinning around you, like a tornado, and you are standing in the middle watching it all? Sometimes you feel the courage to jump in the spiral and other times you can’t muster the energy to participate. 92 more words


This time I totally forgot

I missed Obsessive Thought Thursday again.  This time I completely and totally forgot about it.  It wasn’t until Friday that I even thought about Thursday.  This could very well be a good thing.  682 more words


The Mental Illness Conspiracy

Recent experience is causing me to question the whole Mental Illness paradigm which I recently described to a colleague as ” a complete f—— mess.” 1,022 more words

Personal And Planetary Evolution

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...ADHD in families

In an earlier post, we discussed spiritual challenges that kids with ADHD encounter related to core deficits in executive functioning. Today, we’re going to take another angle on the topic of spiritual challenges to look at the obstacles to growth that result in… 833 more words

Key Ministry

4th of July Playlist

Today is considered Independence Day, but everyday in America should be considered Independence Day. This playlist is dedicated to all of the soldiers and people in the Armed Forces.   89 more words