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First post

So I’ve decided to start a blog instead of being annoying on facebook. I’m very emotionally unstable. Mood swings happen for me very often. I feel like a crazy person. 136 more words


Staring Into an Unknown Future

While the future is never guaranteed or foreseeable it’s nice when you have a little predictability or hint of what’s coming and aren’t completely blindsided by what comes. 690 more words


Mental Illness: Out Of The Closet And Into The Fire


Yes, I’m talking about mental health issues, because…well, at last we can.

Like cancer, mental illness has finally been let out of the closet and is halfway to being accepted as a bonafide condition. 1,051 more words

Midlife Observations

The Devil's Water

If I recall correctly, the first time I took a drink—an alcoholic one that is—was when I was four years old. On Christmas Eve my family at large, from cousins to aunts and uncles, had a gathering of sorts. 2,083 more words

an absence of therapy 2

i would cry

and i would cry hard,
not like a man,
like a real person
i would cry

if tomorrow i woke up
and could say, 138 more words


A Brief Thought on Self-Harm

As someone who struggled with self-harm for six years, I feel hurt/offended/angry
/disappointed when people refer to it as “childish” and “attention-seeking”.
No one I knew who self-harmed (including myself) proudly displayed their wounds. 226 more words



Dear diary,

I don’t know how to tell you how I feel right now. I mean, its been a bad couple of weeks, nope, that is an understatement, its been a shitty couple of weeks. 436 more words