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Male Body Image: Does this Shirtless Picture Make Me Look Fat?

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Are you working on a beach body for the summer? I’m sure your six pack is coming along nicely. But why are you doing it, really? 489 more words


I flew 2,800 miles for a first date.

It’s no secret that I met my boyfriend online. However, not many people know the real story of how we met. It may be the wine, or it may be having lost my job that is provoking my… 817 more words


Kissing statue, San Diego


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I love this sculpture by Seward Johnson. An amazing artist captured this moment between a sailor and nurse after WWII. I can only imagine what this man was "feeling" when he swept this woman up in his arms in real life. It's part of Johnson's Unconditional Surrender series. Feelings are so powerful. ~~~F

A Chat with Mr Ford (1 of 3)

I got the impression you were gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it seemed from your portfolio that you were really keen on attracting people who judge you superficially. 826 more words


When Is It Okay to Just Say "Happy Birthday" on Facebook?

Here are some birthday etiquette tips, according to “Time” magazine. It’s basically a list of people in your life, and how you should wish them happy birthday. 167 more words


Interview the Lovers

Don’t kiss me – I don’t know you
Those lips seem sweet but
Steady as she goes

Let me buy you a drink
I think thats what we do… 144 more words