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Another idiot MRA: Bruce Jenner is transitioning because Kardashian women make "millions flashing tits and arse."

It turns out that Janet “Judgy Bitch” Bloomfield is not the only idiot Men’s Rightser who thinks Bruce Jenner is transitioning out of jealousy that Kim and the rest of the Kardashian women have “the power to use tits and ass and turn it into cash,” as Bloomfield put it in… 289 more words


"To say that men and women are created equal is to deny that gorillas and humans are different," and other observations.

Today, another installment of “Comments I don’t let through.” The “trash” folder on my WordPress comments page is home to a motley assortment of comments that, for whatever reason, I just didn’t feel like approving. 381 more words


Vox Day says his totally-not-racist comments have been taken out of context. In context they're even worse.

Racist, woman-hating fantasy author Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) is upset that people are calling him racist. I mean, it’s not like he called… 652 more words


When Jesus returns, will hordes of jealous women falsely accuse him of rape?

Would you like to hear the good news about Jesus Christ?

I suppose I should preface this by saying it’s only good news for evil misandrist women who want to make life as hard as possible for men, and (of course) f0r self-hating manginas. 306 more words


Men's Rightsers discover the true villain behind the police killing of Walter Scott: His ex-wife

Over on men’s rights hate site A Voice for Men, Attila Vinczer has found the true villain in the case of Walter Scott, the black man shot in the back after he ran from a white cop: Don’t blame the cop for shooting and killing a man who was no danger to him whatsoever; … 195 more words