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Sabbatical, or maybe, the final one!

This is tough. Really tough, but I have to.  I am going on a sabbatical, from writing. I started writing,coz I loved to write, but now I know, deep down,off late its more of an habit that I do. 169 more words


That Faithful Moment

Is it pain? Regret? Sorrow? This fear in me, it consumes me; the fear of truth.
The desire for truth is strong, almost unbearable.
Will I choose the truth with all its pain to hopefully accept it and move on, 67 more words

My Poems

Mixed Words

Your mouth tastes like
summer and sunlight
under a bright blue sky.
I can’t keep my fingers
out of your hair
and I wonder why… 151 more words


Aunt Christy & Red Hots

Every Christmas my Mom’s family gets together to bake holiday cookies. There are a few staples combined with rotating appearances, but one of the guaranteed productions is Gingerbread cut outs. 617 more words



مهما طال الوقت .. الحق هو الحق
جرس الحرية علي أبوابنا دق
ونادى علينا في حنق.. أين ذهب الخلق
لماذا تركوا الفسق.. يتعدي علي الشرق
ويقتل دون فرق.. بالبنادق أو بالحرق
النساء دون الرجال.. والكبار بعد الأطفال
أين ذهب الحق.. أصعقه البرق
متي يأتي الودق.. ليغسل دنس الفسق
ويحيله إلي حق.. ويجلب حرية الشرق

كُتبت في 19 فبراير 2001


Different Blue

I was lost in the storms of the ocean,

Deep water, everything in slow motion,

I got up, held on, prayed,

I knew it was something I made. 47 more words



Hello every one Sunday seems to be the day I make most of my post . So each week I will switch off from a new story or chapter. 220 more words