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My Mother Was Placed into a Home…She Doesn’t Remember Who I am Anymore


Some twenty odd years ago, one day at dusk, my mother was going to the kitchens to get food to eat, and, accidentally tripped by the things lying around the floor, we’d rushed her to the hospital.  439 more words


The Diary of Issack

May 15, 2014

The doctors have told me that I should start writing down my thoughts in order to remember who I was. I am a typical amnesia case; they tell me I got into a car accident and that my brain was damaged, not enough for any fatal problems but enough for me to not remember any of it. 212 more words

Is the air in your holiday plane poisoning you? Memory loss, chronic fatigue, breathing problems, even cancer. One former BA captain lifts the lid on aviations darkest secret...

By Kathryn Knight

  • Tristan Loraine has directed ‘fact-based’ thriller on aerotoxic syndrome
  • The former BA pilot calls the disease ‘the airlines’ dirty little secret’
  • For years he suffered numbness in his fingers and feet and nausea…
  • 22 more words

My granny has Alzheimer's too

Such a joy of happiness
she brings with her fresh air
loving by the buckets
an ease without a care
raised me to a gentleman… 60 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

I Have a System

I can’t access my google docs. I have this great system for remembering passwords. Only, I didn’t this time. I got cocky and didn’t use the system immediately. 396 more words

Let me explicate this again: Goggles.

When mathing around the neighbourhood you start with notion of your ideas and then you develop them. For example, a set is hard to define and is usually taken as “I know what you mean.” Then something falls apart in your work and you blame the set. 273 more words


I Forget by Michael Healy

I Forget by Michael Healy

So what was it I had a mind to do?
So why is that shoe not fastened? 86 more words