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Photo Memories From May


I’m Khuslen and I’m really into photography and writing. So I thought, why not create a blog?.

These are the pictures I took in May tahat I really liked. 276 more words


The Harbinger

They say I sympathize with the devil,
I only smile while I feel the ice
work its way through my veins.

There is a hole in my heart… 65 more words



A big Thank You to all, who joined my Anti – Stress Yoga Therapy Retreat in Joshua Tree. It was a pleasure to spend time with you, share and grow together. 16 more words


Music Part Two

Garden & Gun is a must have for southerners, whether born and bred here or transplanted. I find gems in every issue, from music to restaurants to places I want to visit. 414 more words


Epic Weekend

I love shopping with my friend Kara. One time when we were at H&M we bought “Epic Weekend” shirts. I’m so glad I wore such “Epic Weekend” shirt this weekend because it was, well, epic. 154 more words


The Goat That I Don't Remember

Our life experiences, even those we can’t remember, play a significant role in shaping our personalities.  They help determine the things we like or dislike.  They peak our interest in certain things. 196 more words

Animals On The Farm