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Motivation and Procrastin - ooh, shiny!

I gave a version of this blog post as a presentation at my writing class on Monday. You should have seen their little faces. I’m not sure if they were expecting something a bit more ‘inspirational’ and a bit less ‘unvarnished truth’ but they all looked a bit shell-shocked by the end of it. 744 more words

Creative Writing

Remember You Are Mortal

I took a taxi to her apartment at midnight. My fellow rakes would chastise me because you’re only supposed to see fuck buddies once a week. 492 more words


Memento Mori - never

after everything
so that he may savour
each grain from the falling sands
he has to stand naked
against the burning sun
against the eyes of the stars… 111 more words


Letters to Vivienne - message

Hello Vivienne.

He wanted to write and send this by himself, but I had to intervene. He is not really, shall we say, stable these days. 1,283 more words

Letters To Vivienne

A good death is hard to find.

Memento mori is a Latin term that means “remember that you must die” and apparently, that’s what inspired a California artist who goes by Eden to create these beautiful soaps. 167 more words