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Cadillac - memento mori

Cadillac 1960 – memento mori
©Tom Gagner Photographer

For nerds: Nikon D800, Nikon AF-S G 70-200 VR II f/2.8 @135mm. ISO 6400, -0,67ev, f/2.8, 1/100s


Letters to Vivienne / Memento Mori - sands

always, the sands are flowing
and though breath remain constant
they rise and fall as waves
race and crash against the rocks
raging before exploding… 170 more words

Letters To Vivienne

Rome before his feet


Dressed in fragrant laurel, he was a victor against Barbarians from the North. General Lucius Sulla had once again Rome before his feet. This was another day a triumph, a day to be benevolent, a day of smile and orgies; tomorrow there would be trials: tomorrow there were traitors to be killed and maimed. 144 more words


memento mori - post mortem photography

memento mori – remember (that you have) to die

while the fashion choices of the 1900s we absurd to me the most interesting thing was the use of post mortem photography. 229 more words


Things I See 7

You have to love the middle ages.

Yes, that is a chapel full of skulls and bits of bones. Real ones. It is the ossuary of San Bernadino alle Ossa, Milan, built in 1210 when they ran out of room in the cemetary. 24 more words


This Is Not Another Random Blog... This is Something Different

I walked amongst the graveyard today. I watched as ashes were scattered by a young girl in a white dress with pink flowers on. She threw the ashes like confetti, like she was celebrating the life of the person she was scattering. 203 more words